Sunday, September 21, 2014

Treasury Thanks

The past week flew by.  I can't believe it is Sunday again already -- time to extend a special THANK YOU to all the curators of Etsy treasuries who featured items from my shops, Pasque Flower Creations and Aunt Pheba's Vintage, during the past week.

Ayla of Eyelah featured my gray chevron oven mitt in her treasury, It's The Simple Way . . ..  This salmon pleated zipper pouch from Ayla's shop is simple but elegant.

Ayla also featured my orange chevron oven mitt in her treasury, Fall Gold , , ,.  The colors of Fall are beautifully showcased in this treasury!  This pleated zipper leather clutch in mustard yellow would be a wonderful Fall accessory.

Duni from PeriDotByDuni featured my man-sized blue oven mitts in her treasury, September Finds.  Duni is having a huge sale in her shop, so if you love pretty and feminine loungewear and accessories, don't miss this chance!  I love these adorable ruffled shorts.

Natashalh of StalkingTheWildSnark featured my pencil-shaped pencil pouches in her treasury, Darn Cute.  This batik seahorse from Natasha's shop is also darn cute.

And last, but not least, Edi Royer of memoriesforlifesb featured my floral baby bib in her treasury, Floral Delight.  This butterfly and flower wooden guest book is one of the incredible pieces of laser art you will find in Edi's shop.

Thanks to my Etsy teammates for this week's features!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fiber Works - Part 2

Earlier this week, I posted a virtual tour of the Fiber Works exhibit, Color Flow.  Fiber Works is a group of fiber artists from eastern Nebraska. Their current exhibit is on display until November 1, 2014, at the Seward Civic Center Langworthy Gallery located at 616 Bradford Street in Seward, NE. 
Today's virtual tour will focus on the second installation, elinor peace bailey Characters.

Artistic and eccentric doll maker, quilter, and fiber artist extraordinaire, elinor peace bailey is both mentor and muse to her fiercely loyal followers.  Although she lives in Vancouver, Washington, she is an honorary member of Fiber Works.

Here is the elinor's quilt -- the centerpiece of the Characters exhibit:

And here is a close-up showing some of the detailed embellishments:

Prior to the show, elinor sent fabric swatches to each of the 12 members of Fiber Works, which included her rendering of a Character.  Each artist was challenged to create an art quilt incorporating that Character.

Merilee Hansen created this piece entitled No Matter. I Shall Dance.

She describes her piece in this artist's statement:

Marilyn Rembolt's art piece is Lifting the Weight of the World.

Here is her artist's statement:

Peg Pennell's piece is Key to Happiness.

She describes her work here:

One of my favorites is Roxann O'Hare's Lady Medallion.

Roxann told me that while she was creating this piece, the Beatles song, Lady Madonna, kept running through her head -- hence the name. 

Here is a close-up showing couched fiber embellishment and sashiko-style hand quilting:

And here is Roxann's artist's statement:

Jerry's favorite was Me and My Typewriter.

Actual vintage typewriter keys were used to embellish this art quilt!

I hope you have enjoyed this virtual tour!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sunbonnets, Laura Style

It's Shameless Commerce Tuesday, and today I'm featuring prairie sunbonnets from my Etsy shop, Pasque Flower Creations.

The sunbonnets are available in a number of colors.  I use high quality 100% cotton reproduction calico fabrics from the 1850s-1890s period.

I was a huge fan of the Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House books as a young girl.  And my daughter and granddaughters have all enjoyed a "Laura phase." 

This photo of my granddaughter Madeline (now 10), was taken four years ago when we visited the Ingalls Homestead and attended the annual outdoor pageant in DeSmet, South Dakota. 

The INSP cable network recently celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the Little House on the Prairie TV series, which starred the late Michael Landon as Pa and Melissa Sue Gilbert as Laura, with a marathon showing of fan-picked favorite shows.

The Little House books had a special realism for me, because I grew up on a farm in Lake County, South Dakota -- about 30 miles southeast of DeSmet (the little town on the prairie) in neighboring Kingsbury County.  And the Smith-Zimmerman Museum on the campus of what was then General Beadle State Teachers College in Madison, SD (now Dakota State University), had a full-size replica of a claim shanty--complete with old newspapers nailed to the walls.  Claim shanties were a step up from sod houses, which were often the first shelters built by homesteaders.  There were not many trees on the prairie, but there were miles and miles of prairie sod. 

I remember gathering fallen branches from our little grove of trees to build a square enclosure (the walls were only about 2 feet high) which became my "claim shanty."  It included a tree stump chair.

Here is a drawing of a real claim shanty from the Ingalls Homestead:

And here is a photo of the interior of a replica that is found at the Ingalls Homestead.

As those of you who follow me on Facebook know, I have a fascination with tiny houses.  I would love to retire someday to a tiny house by a babbling brook, hopefully somewhere reasonably close to my children.  I follow the Tiny House Blog and I have a Tiny Houses board on Pinterest. 

Here is an inside view of a modern-day tiny house:

And here is a lighter, sunnier version:

Perhaps one day I really will be able to reside in a modern-day claim shanty (with a loft filled with fabric), living simply, frugally, happily, and in tune with Nature -- just like Laura!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Fiber Works - Part I

Fiber Works is a group of twelve very talented quilt artists who reside in eastern Nebraska:  Dorothy Heidemann-Nelson, Roxann O'Hare, Sheila Green, Peg Pennell, Marilyn Rembolt, Karen Murphy, Jo Drueke, Merrilee Hansen, Cynthia Levis, Cindi Pape, Lynne O'Rourke, and Pat Stava. Artist elinor peace bailey is an honorary member.

An exhibition of some of their recent fiber artwork, Color Flow & elinor peace bailey Characters, is on display from September 11- November 1, 2014 at the Seward Civic Center-Langworthy Gallery, 616 Bradford St., Seward, NE.  The show is open 7:00 am - 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Hubby and I took a little road trip Sunday afternoon, September 14, 2014, to attend the opening reception.  So today I will share some photos from the Color Flow section of the show.  Later this week, in Fiber Works - Part 2, I will share some of the elinor peace bailey Characters artwork.

Color Flow is a series of individual fiber art pieces, mounted on canvas, and arranged in rainbow color order to create a composite art installation.  Each member created one color-themed panel:

The result was stunning!  The whole truly was greater than the sum of its parts -- and the parts, in themselves, were stand-alone works of art!

Here is a shot from the other direction.  (That's Jerry in the Huskers sweatshirt.)

Here are some of the artists:

And here are some close-ups of the detailed embellishment and quilting:

Notice the beautiful beading and intricate machine quilting on the Red panel.

Hand-dyed vintage crochet was incorporated into the orange panel -- love the juxtaposition of modern and vintage.

And here is a close-up of the embellishment and tiny patchwork from the yellow-green panel.

It's a Manic Monday -- so TTFN!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Treasury Thanks

Each week I like to thank the curators of Etsy treasuries who have featured items from my Etsy shops, Pasque Flower Creations and Aunt Pheba's Vintage, in treasuries during the past week.  So to all those Etsy curators -- THANK YOU!

Most of this week's treasuries were looking ahead to Fall.  According to the calendar, it is still Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, but the chilly night air and changing leaves tell us Fall is on the way.

Jessie Noah has resigned herself to colder Fall and Winter temps, but not without a wistful look back at Summer.  Her treasury, My Winter Headband Peace, included my pink glamping oven mitt.  That's one way to escape the Winter chill -- hop in  camper and head South until you find warmer, sunnier weather!  Jessie is a buyer only on Etsy.  So extra special thanks to you, Jessie, for creating a treasury to help support Etsy sellers!!

Kristy Jo of KrystalKlarityBeads featured my pencil-shaped pencil pouches in her treasury, Back to School Time-CIJ.  I LOVE this purple beaded bracelet from Kristy's shop:

Uncovered Treasures featured my Halloween bunting in the treasury, Halloween.  Uncovered Treasures is also a buyer only, so again, THANK YOU for helping to promote Etsy sellers by creating and sharing treasuries!

Florence Cronin of CottageCraft4U featured my red retro-inspired bow clutch in her treasury, The Colors of Etsy.  This colorful plaid switchplate cover is one of MANY unique items you can find in Florence's shop.

Abigail Jayne of AbigailJayneArt featured my polka dot child's drawstring backpack in her treasury, Sparkle Sunset.  One of the advantages of living in the Midwest -- beautiful sunrises and sunsets!! (Although Abigail Jayne lives in the Pacific Northwest, I think.)  This beautiful cosmos hoop art is one of the beautifully handcrafted items you will find at AbigailJayneArt. 

Gaia Salatina Ghirardi of SaltieCreations is from Naples, Italy.  I was honored to have one of my vintage geometric scarf from Aunt Pheba's Vintage featured in her beautifully curated treasury, Orange and Grey: Another step towards Halloween.  Gaia's handmade accessories are incredible.  I just love this long pleated scarf in blue silk.  Isn't that gorgeous!!

And there you have it -- another wonderful week of treasuries!  Please take a minute to visit the shops of the talented curators who created this week's treasuries.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Hubby and I are heading to Seward, NE, this afternoon to take in an art quilt show.  It's a beautiful day for a little road trip.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

This photo of the recent Super Moon was taken by my quilting buddy, Linda Riesberg, using her Canon point and shoot. 

Super Moon - September 2014
Linda Riesberg - Lincoln, NE
Nebraska Through the Lens Facebook Group