Saturday, October 27, 2012

Craft Fair Redux

Last Saturday started at zero dark thirty.  Before the chickens were up.  It was REALLY dark.  And chilly.

The trusty Taurus and I drove to Faith Lutheran Church & School for the annual Fall Arts & Crafts Fair.  The Taurus was a bit intimidated by all the vans, SUVs and cargo trailers already in the parking lot when we arrived, but it didn't phase me --- much.

At check-in I was informed I was assigned to booth 13:

Trying not to be superstitious, I proceeded to set up my little booth.  This is my third year at this show.  The first year my "booth" was in an entryway.  The second year I was in the cafeteria quite a ways from the main event, but hungry people who followed the smell of fresh-brewed coffee and church lady pies found me.  This year, however,not only was I in the "main event" area -- I was on a corner!  Prime craft show real estate, despite the unlucky number.

My vendor neighbor across the aisle was Holly Adams of Baby Bee Bonnets.  She crochets the most ADORABLE little hats!!  You can see closeups of the cuteness on her Facebook page.  But, alas, my youngest granddaughter is in 3rd grade.  No baby or toddler hats in my immediate future.  I did, however, grab a 3-pack of her pretty handmade dishcloths as a Christmas stocking stuffer.

Holly had the cutest PINK metal side table.  It made me think of my blogging buddies Edi (whose favorite color is pink) and Traci (who transforms cast off furniture into colorful statement pieces).

It was my best craft show to date.  The weather was great.  The crowds were steady (except for a late afternoon lull---to be expected on a Husker home football Saturday).  And my gross sales were more than double what I made at this show last Fall.  Ka-Ching!  The only down side is a temporary drop in Etsy inventory (below my goal of 100 listings) as I hustle to replace sold items with new inventory.  It will be pedal to the metal this week (sewing machine pedal, that is).

On balance, though, 13 turned out to be a pretty lucky number!

LeAnn aka pasqueflower


  1. It's always so great when a craft show is a busy one -- glad you did well at this one! I like your use of the drying rack on your table!

  2. Wahoo, that's awesome! I'm so glad things went well for you despite your unlucky booth number!

  3. Congrats on such a successful show! I enjoyed your photos.

  4. I'm so glad you were at the craft show - I bought one of your kitchen mits and LOVE it! It's made so well! My nephew also got some cute finger puppets. It's our favorite craft show and we go every year. Hope to see you next year! (I have a baking blog if you are ever looking for a new recipe -

  5. Great that your show was a success! Glad you had a good location this year.

  6. Congrats on having a great show! Sounds like you enjoyed your day.
    Everyday Inspired

  7. Congrats on the great show! I like the number 13. And it looked like it did well for you! Nice in getting a corner spot and a great neighbor. The little table is cute - I always want to bring things up to eye level, but this worked out well! {:-D

  8. Congratulations on the good show!
    fun that you showed your neighbor's booth.
    That would be a down side I could live with!

  9. I'm so glad to hear your show went well! Corner spaces are the best! (I wonder if you can request this space for next year?)
    And you know I love that pink end table. Thanks for thinking of me :)

  10. I have a show on Saturday and I hope I do as well as you did!

  11. My friend Chelsa Fanders attended the craft fair and told me all about your booth and crafts. I am now following your blog and have liked you on facebook. I am a crafter as well and have recently started a blog, if you are ever looking for someone new to follow you can find me at Can't wait to see what you do next!