Monday, October 31, 2011

Pretty Oven Mitts for Holiday Baking or Gifting

It's shameless commerce Tuesday.  Today I'm featuring a pair of oh so pretty oven mitts made with a gorgeous floral print from the Amy Butler Love fabric line, with whimsical pink on red polka dots for the lining, binding and hanging tab.  The polka dot fabric is also from Amy Butler's Love fabric line.

I've loved Amy Butler ever since I made a duvet for my daughter using Belle fabrics when she headed off to college.  She's graduated now, and is in her first year of a Teach for America fellowship. 

There's something about Amy Butler's vibrant colors and bold designs that just exudes positive energy. 

You could do your holiday baking in style with these oven mitts.  The 13" length allows room to reach WAY back into the oven for those pumpkin pies or cookie sheets without burning your wrists.  The mitts have InsulBrite heat-resistant batting machine quilted to the outer fabric.  The mitts are fully lined--no scratchy seams.  

Need a hostess gift, housewarming gift, or gift $20 or under for someone on your list?  These cheery oven mitts might just fit the bill.  (I'm actually tempted to keep a pair for myself!)

To see other kitchen friendly items, visit the Kitschy Kitchen Stuff section of my Etsy shop:

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Creation Energy: Artist Glenda Dietrich Moore

On Sunday, October 30, 2011, I spent a delightful afternoon at an artists' open house co-hosted by Glenda Dietrich Moore, painter and illustrator ( , and Tamy Burnett, fiber artist. (


Today I will introduce you to Glenda, my long-time friend.    Her Flowers in Vase painting is my favorite piece of artwork in my Girl Cave:

Glenda is a visual artist by training, and also an ordained pastor in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  She often combines her passion for art and spirituality in her paintings, and her work was recently featured on the cover of Imagine the arts ministry magazine of Imago Deo.   Her Creation Energy series was one of my favorites. 


Glenda also does incredible line drawings, still life floral paintings, and paintings of cats.  (She has a Cat Rescue sticker prominently displayed on her front door.)  And she illustrates books and teaches art classes to students of all ages in her studio.


The photos above show: 1)Glenda in her studio; 2) one of her works in process inspired by a trip to the Southwest; 3) a beautiful little landscape; 4) the cover art for Imagine magazine; and 5) two of the beautiful and inspiring note cards I purchased.  I especially love the image of the women sheltering other women.  Glenda and Tamy are coworkers at the University of Nebraska Center for Women and Gender Studies, and another one of Glenda's paintings of a young girl dancing is used in publicity photos for the Department.  The dancing girl is also one of my daughter's favorite art prints.


On Wednesday I will introduce you to Tamy Burnett of Rock Star Yarns.  I could do some serious Christmas shopping in her shop!   In fact, I've already purchased a beautiful teal scarf for someone special on my Christmas list:

Happy Halloween!


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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Craft Fair Survivor

It was a L-O-N-G day on Saturday, but before the doors of the craft show opened to the public, I was able to do some window shopping.  Some of my favorite "finds" are pictured above.  

We crafters were competing with a home Nebraska Huskers football game—never a good thing!  But I made a small profit and had an enjoyable day.  My quilt buddy, Leola, helped in my booth in the morning (before kickoff).  The time went quickly, and we were quite busy.  Little inexpensive items sold very well.  But I did not sell any items priced over $15.00.   The good news is, I still have inventory to reactivate in my Etsy shop.   I'm trying to get to 100 listings before Christmas—I'm only half way there.

I bought a cute handmade puppet for a grandson Christmas present from a vendor in the next booth.   The vendor on the other side of my booth, The Mustard Seed, was selling big flower hair clips and headbands:  She was busy all morning, but most of her sales were also smaller items.  She also sells adorable leggings, appliquéd shirts and knit hats.

Things slowed to a crawl during the football game.  But I had the foresight to pack along my Pies & Tarts paper piecing project:  I finished three more pies.  Only five more and I'll have my 100 hand pieced blocks completed. 

Now, it's time to tackle some projects that were put on the back burner until "after the craft show."


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Thursday, October 27, 2011

We Plan, God Laughs

As some of you may know, I've been sewing in overdrive trying to get ready for a big craft fair this weekend while also increasing pre-holiday inventory in my Etsy store and juggling several custom orders.   SO---I have To Do Lists appended to my To Do Lists in an effort to stay focused and IN CONTROL.




Yesterday after I got off work at my day job (and it had been an incredibly difficult day at work), there sat my old gray Taurus with the flattest of flat tires.  I was supposed to be at a meeting at 5:30 p.m.---clearly THAT was not going to happen!   It was a nearly new tire that had less than 1000 miles on it that I had just replaced a couple of months ago after a blowout. (The photo is not my car, but it is the same color --- I didn't have the presence of mind to take a photo of mine.  I need to start carrying my camera everywhere.) I'll have another new tire installed today.


After dealing with that little crisis, I got home and decided to pop open a Diet Coke (my drug of choice) and check my email and Etsy shop …. and the pop tab broke off!  I had to chisel my way into the Diet Coke can (not having an old-fashioned can opener handy).  


I saved the pop tab for Ronald McDonald House, though. I stayed in a Ronald McDonald House(RMH) with my two young sons when my daughter had two of her four eye surgeries during the first 18 months of her life.  And I volunteered at RMH when I lived in Sioux Falls, SD.  But I digress….


When I finally opened my email, the Scoutie Girl blog post said in bold print in the middle of the post, We Plan, God Laughs


Okay, already!  I'm getting the message.   God may have been chuckling as I stumbled through yesterday until I finally got the hints:  It's time to slow down, breathe, pare down the To Do Lists, maybe go for a walk to look at the beautiful trees, and GET SOME SLEEP.


I also visited and ordered a used copy of the book We Plan, God Laughs by Sherre Hirsch:  The title is from an old Yiddish proverb.   I'll read it after the craft fair. 

LeAnn aka pasqueflower

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fabric Roses

Look at the latest fun project by Kim and Kris at the DIY Dish.  Watch their online video and learn to make these cute fabric roses—their project for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


Crazy busy getting ready for the craft fair this weekend!  So many projects, so little time!


Today (Wednesday, October 26, 2011) is the last day for the 30% discount on Fall and Halloween items in my Etsy shop:  Use Coupon Code :  BOO11.



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Monday, October 24, 2011

More Walker Bags

It's shameless commerce Tuesday.  (How can it be Tuesday again already?!) Today I'm featuring walker bags.  Although I always have an Etsy listing for made to order walker bags, I've decided to stock more ready to ship (RTS) walker caddies for the holidays in my Etsy shop.  I'm adding both masculine and feminine versions.  Most are made of decorator weight cotton fabrics.  When quilter weight cottons are used, I reinforce them with mid-weight fusible interfacing. 

Here's a preview--my latest RTS.  I loved the colors and the fun vintage buttons with little rhinestone centers. I'll be taking a batch to the craft fair on Saturday.  The unsold ones will be listed on Sunday or Monday, and I have fabric for several more that will be added to my shop in November.


A walker bag or caddy can assist elderly or disabled loved ones who rely on a walker for mobility.  This practical gift would brighten the day of an aging parent or grandparent, disabled veteran, or anyone battling a serious injury or illness.  With both hands on the walker, the user will be able to have frequently-used items at hand, and be able to "carry" items when on the go.  This would make a thoughtful Christmas gift or holiday gift for an elderly friend or relative. 


The standard walker caddy measures approximately 16.5" wide and 11.5" deep.  There are two large pockets on one side, and three pockets on the other side.  The pockets provide ample storage for reading materials, glasses, remote controls, cell phones, photos, cards, or medic alerts. Straps are reinforced with extra stitching.  Outer pockets are double stitched and reinforced at stress points. All seams are serged or finished with French seams for a finished look and extra strength.  Buttonholes are machine stitched and buttons are securely sewn and thread-shanked.  The roomy center compartment is large enough to accommodate newspapers, magazines or puzzle books. 


The walker bags are machine washable, gentle cycle, no bleach.  Line dry or tumble dry low. 


Check out the Walker Bags section of my Etsy shop.  New items will be added as we head into the holiday season:



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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Boo! 30% Discount on Halloween and Fall Items


Halloween is just around the corner, and I'm offering a 30% discount on all Fall and Halloween items in my Etsy shop now through Wednesday, October 26, 2011.
Use Coupon Code:  BOO11.  

For seasonal table runners, look here:

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Friday, October 21, 2011

See No Evil . . .


It's been a busy week with craft fair preparations, the day job, mandatory continuing legal education (CLE) classes, and another batch of custom orders!  Gorgeous Fall weather continues, and I was able to enjoy a brisk walk between CLE classes yesterday.


I'm looking forward some R&R time this weekend with the three in-town grandsons, Henry (9), Alex (7), and Oliver (5).  It's Oliver's Day on Saturday –he gets to pick our activities for the day, and what we eat.  I love this photo their dad took this summer -- see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.


Only 8 more days until the craft fair.  Yikes!!!  I need to shift the sewing machine into high gear!


Enjoy your weekend!



LeAnn aka pasqueflower

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Vintage Inspired Doll Quilt

It's shameless commerce Tuesday.  Today I'm featuring my newest listing, a 12.5" x 14" doll quilt made from late 19th Century reproduction fabrics.  The small-scale prints in shades of pink, brown, cream and red worked well for a doll-sized quilt.  I started this little quilt as a class project in a Marvelous Miniatures class taught by Dr. Barbara Caron of the International Quilt Study Center & Museum, and finally got it tied and bound.  Each tiny square in the 9-patch blocks finishes at only 1/2".

This miniature quilt would be perfect for a baby doll.  It would be a perfect little gift for a special girl, or it could be used as a wall hanging, or to accessorize an antique doll bed or cradle.  

When hanging miniature quilts, I use two pins, inserted at the intersection of the binding and the quilt in the top two corners.  The pins are barely visible, but are strong enough to hold a small quilt, and you have only tiny pinpricks in your wall.

Custom orders are welcome.  I'd be happy to make doll quilts in other sizes or colors.  Heaven knows I have LOTS of scraps!

LeAnn aka pasqueflower

Monday, October 17, 2011

Fiber Works Revisited - Colorful Quilts

This is the fourth and final post in my Fiber Works Revisited series, featuring art quilts from the Fiber Works exhibition hosted by the Fiber Funatics quilt group. Today I am showcasing colorful quilts.


Alice's Magical Moments in Wonderland by Peg Pennell is an award-winning art quilt with a non-traditional shape, bright, vibrant colors, and embellishments.  Wow!


Bubbles by Roxann O'Hare uses a monochromatic color scheme, but with the artful use of value, she has created the illusion of bubbles on fabric.


Small Things Make A Difference  by Shelly Burge, was one of three winning entries in the Crafting A Better Planet Competition sponsored by Mountain Mist Batting and the International Quilt Study Center and Museum.  Colorful larger than life clothespins were used to communicate the idea that we could conserve electricity by hanging our clothes out to dry.


Crystal Delight by Pat Stava uses a rainbow of beautiful batiks pieced in thin strips to create a colorful starburst design on a black background.


I hope you have enjoyed this series.  If you are in the Lincoln, Nebraska, area any time before November 21, 2011, I urge you to view this exhibit up close and personal.  It is on display in the gallery at the Bernina Sewing Studio,  1501 Pine Lake Rd., Suite 12, Lincoln, NE 68512.  There is no admission charge.



LeAnn aka pasqueflower


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fiber Works Revisited - Found Objects and 3D

This is my third in my Fiber Works Revisited series, featuring art quilts from the Fiber Works exhibition hosted by 18 talented women in the Fiber Funatics Group.  Today I am showcasing a few of the quilts that incorporated found objects and three-dimensional (3D) fabric creations.


Dryer Sheet Challenge by Elaine Pieper was made in response to a group challenge to incorporate a dryer sheet into a finished quilt.  Can you spot the dryer sheet?  It's the dyed background that frames the smaller embellished squares.  Elaine is the mother of group member Roxann O'Hare.  As my husband would say, "That acorn didn't fall far from the tree."  And speaking of acorns, that leads me to the second quilt, which just happens to be Roxann's.


Iron Word Challenge by Roxann O'Hare incorporates seed pods, a gourd, and (I think) corn husks.  The close-up shows the seed pod "fringe" at the bottom of the quilt.   Roxann is the co-owner of two of my favorite quilt shops, The Cosmic Cow here in Lincoln, NE, and The Udder Store, a branch in Seward, NE.  Roxann has been "published" in national quilt magazines, and she is an incredible teacher.  Her husband, Rich, is one of most in demand long-arm machine quilters in the area.   His quilting is, in itself, a work of art.  You'll see another of Roxann's quilts in tomorrow's post, so stay tuned.


What Character Are You?   That was the challenge question that inspired the two small quilts.  The teal and metal creation is by Merrilee Hansen.  Words describing Merrilee's character were stamped onto the metal tags, and the center medallion is a family crest.  The red and white "Romance" quilt by Shelly Burge uses a vintage hanky as an overlay to a more contemporary background. 


Tangled Bird by Amy Robertson is a fabric sculpture created with muslin decorated with hand-drawn ink designs.   It was displayed in a glass cage.

My first attempt did not post, so if you see a duplicate, I'm sorry.  Stay tuned tomorrow for the final installment in this series – Colorful Quilts.



LeAnn aka pasqueflower

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fiber Works Revisited - Inspired by Nature

This is the second in a four-part series of posts sharing some of the inspiring images from the Fiber Works art quilt exhibition, featuring over 170 art quilts by 18 talented women in the Fiber Funatics quilt group.  The photos above showcase some of the many art quilts that were inspired by Nature:


My Kind of Fall by Sheila Green has Sheila's signature "look" – lots of blues and yellows with a splash of red -- very high energy!  Sheila is the past president of the Lincoln Quilters Guild and heads the Discover Nebraska quilt project bringing quilt projects into 4th grade classrooms across the state with a team of volunteers.  She is also a docent and volunteer at the International Quilt Study Center and Museum.


Four Seasons by Peg Pennell is a lovely little quilt.  Peg's talent as a machine quilter, and her tasteful use of embellishments, are evident in the close up photo of the winter quadrant.  Peg is a rising star in the art quilting and teaching community.


Snow by Shelly Burge is a tiny little whole cloth quilt.  Shelly's artful machine quilting captures the essence of snowdrifts, which those of us in the Midwest see annually.  Sprinklings of sparkly embellishments remind me of the lyrics "in the lane, snow is glistening."  When my youngest son, Jeff, was little, he saw glistening snow one morning and said, "Look, Mom!  Diamonds in the snow!!!"  He tried to scoop them up in his mittens, and he was so disappointed that there were no "real" diamonds.  Shelly is a nationally known quilt maker and teacher who has won awards at major shows.  She also has an impressive collection of antique toy sewing machines.


Untitled by Jo Drueke uses beautiful batik fabrics to capture the essence of a walk in the forest.


Cornfields by Ellen Rushman uses strip piecing to create the look of corn furrows.  We certainly see lots of cornfields in Nebraska, and in my home state of South Dakota.  And who can forget Kevin Costner and the Field of Dreams cornfield in Iowa?   And the Cornhuskers (Huskers for short) are Nebraska's formerly great football team.  We're "rebuilding," I guess.


Fabric Postcard is a postcard-sized image with a definite Autumn leafy vibe.  I love the maker's use of metallic threads in the machine quilting. Very nicely done!


I hope you enjoyed this virtual quilt show.  Does Nature inspire your creativity?


Tomorrow's post will continue this series on Fiber Works – Found Objects and 3D Quilts.



LeAnn aka pasqueflower


Friday, October 14, 2011

Fiber Works Revisited - A Glimpse at the Creative Process

As promised, I revisited the Fiber Works art quilt exhibit featuring over 170 quilts by local and regional quilt artists.  The exhibition showcases the work of 18 talented women who are members of the Fiber Funatics Group.    And I remembered to bring my camera this time!  I had intended to pick my Top 10, and only photograph those, but with  SO MANY inspiring works, I couldn't stop at ten.


So, this will be the first in a four-part series of Fiber Works Revisited posts.  Today I will feature items that reflect the artist's creative process:  an artist's journal; Observe Detail by Dorothy Heidemann-Nelson; and a fabric postcard – Imagine.   These three small pieces set the stage for the artistry, attention to detail, and creativity that are reflected throughout the exhibition.


Stay tuned for further posts in the Fiber Works Revisited series:  Inspired by Nature; Found Objects & 3D; and Colorful Quilts!  Enjoy another beautiful Fall weekend.



LeAnn aka pasqueflower


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vintage Yo Yo Pillows

I've mentioned before that I am a member of my local quilt guild, The Lincoln Quilters Guild.  My husband, Jerry, is also a member.    And it wasn't just , "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em."  He REALLY quilts!   Some days we need to arm wrestle to see who gets dibs on the new Janome QC.

Last Monday night, Jerry won a guild mini raffle prize.   His fifty cent winning ticket won him four (yes, FOUR) vintage pillows.  Three are made with fabric yo yo's, and the fourth is a worn (much-loved by someone) little blue basket block pillow, hand quilted.

I wish we knew the history of these interesting pillows.  My favorite (and the one with the best workmanship), is the one with the bright yellow cotton background.  My best guess is that both cotton yo yo pillows were made in the 1930s.  There are some bed coverings of that era made entirely of yo yo's stitched together, row after row. 

The satin yo yo pillow may have been made in the 1940s.  It has also seen better days, but I love the bright colors, the satiny texture, and the light purple satin background fabric.  The center of each yo yo "flower" was tied with yarn.  I imagine some teenage girl hugging that pillow back in the day.

I used tiny yo yo's to make a vintage-inspired doll quilt that was the subject of a previous blog post.

For an excellent tutorial on how to make a fabric yo yo, check out fabric designer Heather Bailey's blog post:   To see how yo yo's are made using a yo yo maker notion, check out Sew Take A Hike's blog.  She's planning to make 1008 yo yo's, and she keeps a running tally on her blog!

Have you ever used yo yo's in a sewing or quilting project?      



LeAnn aka pasqueflower


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stockings for Kids

You may have noticed a new button in the bottom right hand column of my blog.  It's promoting a Stockings for Kids drive, similar to my local quilt guild's Santa Sock project.  The stockings are handmade  and donated, then filled with small Christmas gifts for children.   Lyanna at Purple Panda Quilts is spearheading the drive to collect 50 stockings, approximately 11" x 17", before December 1, 2011.

Those who donate a stocking by December 1, 2011, and post a photo to the Purple Panda Quilts Flickr Group will be eligible for some great prizes, including a $50.00 gift certificate from The Fat Quarter Shop, an incredible online fabric store.

For a free pattern and tutorial, visit:    For even more information, click on the button at the bottom of this blog. 

I have my pattern printed, but it may be after Halloween before I get mine finished and posted.  Things are still a little batty here, even with the long weekend (for which I am VERY grateful!).  But when (not if) my stocking is finished, you, my loyal readers, will be among the first to know.


LeAnn aka pasqueflower


Pat Bravo Gemini Bag

It's shameless commerce Tuesday again already!  Where did last week go??

Today I'm featuring a Gemini Bag designed by Kim & Kris of The DIY Dish, and made using beautiful Pat Bravo fabrics.  (She is one of my favorite contemporary fabric designers.)  The price has been reduced, and I offer free domestic shipping.    So if you (or someone on your gift list) would like a pretty and functional basic no-frills go everywhere bag,  this bag would be a real bargain.  

To catch fun episodes of Kim & Kris on The DIY Dish, go to:  This week they're making fabric flowers.  For more Pat Bravo eye candy, go to:

Here is a comment from one of my happy customers , ttluisa, who purchased a Gemini bag:

Very fast shipping and the bag is super cute.  It looks very casual over shoulder and it's big enough for doing anything.  I use it as a gym bag.  I hate those black nylon/canvas duffel bags.

Back to the sewing machine!


LeAnn aka pasqueflower

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fiber Works Exhibition

My Sunday afternoon was spent drooling over incredible art quilts at the Fiber Works exhibition hosted by 18 members of the Fiber Funatics Group.  These talented women displayed dozens of art quilts, each created in response to a series of challenge themes such as:   What's outside your window?   What's on your bucket list?  What's on your mind?  Incorporate a dryer sheet into your quilt top. 

The creations included appliqué, piecing, embellishments, fabric painting,  found objects and 3D fiber art –from ink drawings on muslin birds to free-standing little houses.  Most of the quilts were small.  None were bed sized, and none were intended to ever be used on beds.  These quilts were intended as art, to be hung on a wall or displayed in a gallery.

I trend toward the traditional in my own quilting, but I truly appreciate the amazing creativity of these fiber artists, and I am thankful to count two Fiber Funatics Group members, Sheila Green and Roxann O'Hare, among my quilting friends.  I've included photos of quilts by one of the artists, Shelly Burge (, a nationally-acclaimed quilter and quilt teacher, and Peg Pennell (, a rising quilt star and phenomenal teacher.  Shelly's Meadowlark features the Nebraska state bird.  Peg's Florabunda Detail showcases her sense of color and her artful use of beads and embellishments.  These are past works, displayed on their web pages.  They were not included in the Fiber Works show.

I wish I would have remembered to bring my camera.  The exhibit will remain on display until mid-November, so I'm hoping to see it again (WITH my camera).   So, this post will be continued….Stay tuned for more photos in Part 2 later this week (I hope).  


LeAnn aka pasqueflower