Monday, October 31, 2011

Pretty Oven Mitts for Holiday Baking or Gifting

It's shameless commerce Tuesday.  Today I'm featuring a pair of oh so pretty oven mitts made with a gorgeous floral print from the Amy Butler Love fabric line, with whimsical pink on red polka dots for the lining, binding and hanging tab.  The polka dot fabric is also from Amy Butler's Love fabric line.

I've loved Amy Butler ever since I made a duvet for my daughter using Belle fabrics when she headed off to college.  She's graduated now, and is in her first year of a Teach for America fellowship. 

There's something about Amy Butler's vibrant colors and bold designs that just exudes positive energy. 

You could do your holiday baking in style with these oven mitts.  The 13" length allows room to reach WAY back into the oven for those pumpkin pies or cookie sheets without burning your wrists.  The mitts have InsulBrite heat-resistant batting machine quilted to the outer fabric.  The mitts are fully lined--no scratchy seams.  

Need a hostess gift, housewarming gift, or gift $20 or under for someone on your list?  These cheery oven mitts might just fit the bill.  (I'm actually tempted to keep a pair for myself!)

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LeAnn aka pasqueflower


  1. Oh, I just love these! I bake enough that I may have to get a pair for myself at some point...the one mitt I do have that supposedly has heatproof silicone on the outside is falling apart.

  2. Love the floral/dot mixture. Looks so cute together:)

  3. I love the mittens, Of course the color has a lot to do with it, great Etsy shop too

    thank you for following me by the way, i am returning the favor

  4. Oh my I'm so in love!! I love amy butler fabric!!

  5. These are so cute! A great gift! And I love the fabric. :)