Monday, April 8, 2013

Pioneer Day

Each Spring the 4th graders in Lincoln public and parochial schools celebrate Pioneer Day.  Since it is Shameless Commerce Tuesday, I thought I would share this recent custom order for one of my favorite fourth graders!  She and her mom shopped with me at The Cosmic Cow for calico fabrics.  Since yellow is her favorite color, she chose this yellow print for her sunbonnet.

The dress is a light blue with yellow accents.  I use handmade wooden buttons for the neck and sleeve button closures.  Since my "good" machine is still in the repair shop, I ended up making all but one of the buttonholes by hand.  Not my favorite task!  I am SO anxious to get my sewing machine back!  The apron is bleached muslin, with tucks in front and back, and a back tie closure.

I deliberately do NOT list prairie dresses in my shop, because they are so incredibly time consuming, and difficult to fit from a distance.  But I do offer made to order prairie sunbonnets.

6 more days and 17 oven mitts to sew before the end of tax season!

LeAnn aka pasqueflower


  1. wow1 impressive! I'm sure your customer will love wearing this!

  2. How fun to get to shop for fabrics with your customer :) I can see how this would be time consuming! But it turned out great!
    6 more days...woohoo!

  3. How fun. I bet she felt just like Laura Ingalls Wilder.

  4. Love it, how fun!! That sun bonnet is great!

  5. Bonnets!! I think I need one! Beautiful work.

  6. My daughter made a pioneer dress and bonnet for a little girl (from our church)a couple of years ago. She looked so cute for her school parade!