Saturday, August 17, 2013

Slim Down Saturday Report

It's Day 40 of the 90-day Nature's Sunshine Slim-Down Challenge, and I'm happy to report that I lost 3.8 pounds last week for a total weight loss to date of 20.2 pounds --- about 1/2 pound per day.

I walked more and I alternated protein days with juice days.  I also allowed myself "real food" one day this week.  I also watched a Weight Management Solutions Webinar which was informative and inspiring.

Next week will be a challenge because I will be in New Hampshire August 22-27 visiting adult kids and grandkids.  I'll just try to eat healthy and not gain any weight.   I'll also be away from the blogosphere while I am on vacation, so it will be two weeks before my next Slim Down report.

It's a beautiful day in Nebraska - sunshine and cooler temps. I'll be heading out for my walk soon.
Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Stop it! You are putting me to shame! I have really got to get with you on this because I'm feeling horrible! I ache in places I have never ached before, I tire easily, and I just hate the way I look. I know that this could all change if I would get serious about this weight loss program.

    I am very happy for you though. You are doing great! And you've even inspired me a bit more.

    1. Don't be too hard on yourself! I'm a stress eater. It took me a long time to pack on the extra pounds, and an even longer time to decide to try to deal with it.
      So hard to find time to exercise, and I LOVE to eat. But the NSP program has really helped. I'm not hungry but I'm still losing weight.