Sunday, March 2, 2014

Treasury Thanks

It was a wonderful week for treasuries, as curators gave us a glimpse of Spring in the midst of what seems to be an unrelentingly harsh Winter.  I want to extend a huge


to the Etsians who featured items from my Etsy shops, Pasque Flower Creations and Aunt Pheba's Vintage, over the past week.  Please share the love by visiting their shops.

Jane Downing of janedowning featured my red retro-inspired bow clutch in her treasury, Mother's Favorites . . .  Jane designs and makes beautiful jewelry, but she is also an avid dog lover, so there is a section in her shop devoted to dog-friendly items.  I chose to feature this beautiful beige and gray marbled Jasper necklace.  

Stephen and Denise Tallman of WhimsicalMystical featured my green chevron oven mitt in their treasury, Luck Be A Lady.   This St. Patrick's Day bracelet would be a fun accessory to sport as you head out for green beer.  And 10% of all WhimsicalMystical shop proceeds are donated to Pug Rescue and other animal rescue charities.

Hamutal Benjo of hamutalbenjoceramics featured a vintage geometric scarf in orange and gray from my Aunt Pheba's Vintage shop in a Spring Passions treasury.  I love this natural clay napkin holder -- perfect for cloth napkins.  

Edi Royer of memoriesforlifesb featured my purple chevron oven mitt in her pretty treasury, Orchid & Amethyst.  I chose to feature this personalized wine bottle stopper -- one of the many beautiful engraved products in Edi's shop.

Linda Pruitt of PruittCreations featured my red chevron oven mitt in her colorful treasury, Olde Gal Colors.  As the grandmother of 6 grandsons (and 3 granddaughters), I couldn't help featuring this boy's zippered pencil pouch.  

Judy of MisterPenQuin featured my pink roses oven mitt in her Spring-themed treasury, A Change of Seasons Would Be Welcome.  She got that right!!  As I am typing this, the outdoor thermometer reads
-5 F.  I don't even want to think about the sub-zero wind chill number.  Brrr-rr-rrr!  But hope springs eternal.  I ordered garden seeds this week, confident that Spring will come --- eventually.  This pretty peach dreams lined journal would be perfect for jotting down thoughts of Spring.

Bill Guest of PaganCellarJewelry featured my green and white chevron oven mitt in his treasury, Green With Envy Gifts Under $20!    And speaking of bargains, this vintage Victorian gold, emerald, and pearl brooch is quite a find at $11.95!  

Chickie of ChickieVintageLove featured my small mermaid Royal Copenhagen plate in her treasury, Moonlit Muse.    You'll find literally hundreds of vintage items in Chickie's shop, including 169 listings for vintage buttons.  Sadly, Chickie has the new shop format (which I REALLY dislike -- you can read my rant on my Pasque Flower Facebook page.  Solidarity, Etsians!!).  But you CAN find the Buttons category if you use the inconspicuous drop-down menu at the upper left hand corner of the shop page.  But I digress.... I love these vintage white rectangle buttons -- just had to buy me some last week!  

Lise and Lena of SavvyCoffer featured my green and white organic cotton napkins in their treasury, Goodies for the Grown-Up Easter Basket.  Lise's dad and my dad were first cousins, and Lena is Lise's "almost daughter-in-law."  SavvyCoffer features many of Lena's handmade jewelry items and an assortment of unique gift tags.  Lise also has a vintage shop, Dusty Digger Lise, which is chock full of vintage paper items -- from books, to advertisements, maps and prints.  Lise has also published a book on Asperger's Syndrome, and she is a budding screen writer. Dusty Digger Lise is a wonderful place to browse on a snowy day!! But again, I digress . . ..  I've chosen to feature these gorgeous Faceted Freshness blue and green teardrop earrings, designed by Lena:  

Gonulk featured my pink floral oven mitt in a treasury entitled March (04).  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this stunning art photo speaks volumes.  

If this photo was your prompt, what story would you write?

Stay warm!



  1. I'm loving all the Spring treasuries right now! Thank you for including my wine stopper :)

  2. Congratulations on the treasuries. Love the features. I'll bet you are super busy now with tax season in full swing! I have an appointment with an accountant when I return from Florida. I'm so nervous! My first experience with quarterly taxes.

    1. Jealous of your time in FL. Still beastly cold here. Quarterly taxes are your friend -- they keep you from having a "sticker shock" balance due at the end of the tax year :-).

  3. Your blog is such a pleasure to read -- and browse! Beautiful items here and It's lovely to see an item of Lena's from our shop here. Thanks so much. Now I have to go prowl the shops mentioned here!

  4. Love the feature! Thanks! I love making gifts for my grandkids (and yours too!)

  5. Thanks for including my book, LeAnn, in your post. Still waiting for spring to arrive, by the way! That last photo is intriguing--I'd probably write a story about the woman who lost the scarf on the road...maybe as she exited the building where she lost her job on a blustery day.

  6. Thanks for including my buttons!