Monday, August 25, 2014

Card Wallet Prototype

It's Shameless Commerce Tuesday (almost -- this will probably be posted late Monday night), and today I'm giving you a behind-the-scenes look at a new item I intend to test market at Fall craft fairs, and possibly as part of my holiday stocking stuffers line on Etsy -- unisex card wallets.

Here is my prototype of the card wallet (this one will be an early birthday gift for hubby, because it is not quite ready for prime time, but he loves houndstooth fabrics and he is forever misplacing his debit card).  He also likes to leave $1.00 coins as tips.

It could also be used a classy but guy-friendly gift card enclosure for the holidays -- or a unisex coin purse.

After scoring 40 samples of faux suede fabric for just 25 cents (YOWZA!!) at this year's Hillestad Textiles Gallery Textile Sale, I was determined to find a project for those great little pieces of luscious texture and rich, earthy colors. 

Given the size restrictions, card wallets seemed the perfect solution.  I bought a special sewing machine needle designed to sew through leather, and I purchased some antique copper (shown above), antique brass, and antique silver capped metal snaps for the closures.

I am not sure I will pair the nubby houndstooth (also a fairly thick fabric) with the faux suede for future wallets.  If I do, I think I will ladder stitch the side seams by hand, because it was very difficult to topstitch through all that bulk. (And that's why this little wallet is not quite ready for prime time.)

I'm more inclined to use the other houndstooth prints for wallets and pair them with a cotton lining.

I also scored these great striped fabrics at the Hillestad Textile Sale.  I love the colors and the texture!  I think they'll make cute casual card wallets.  I'm thinking of adding key rings to these.

I plan to use a larger woven striped piece from this stripe series to make foldover zipper-topped clutches using a new pattern by Michelle Patterns.  (More on that later --still a work in progress.) 

I've been a fan of Michelle Patterns since she began her PDF pattern business as Keyka Lou.  She generously allows users to sell items made from her patterns so long as the listing (or tag) references Michelle Patterns.

I love that it has an outer back pocket with a cute little tab- just the right size for a phone or pocket calendar or notepad--

and there's a roomy inner pocket as well!

Hmm -- 55 card wallets cut out and ready to sew. And those new foldover clutches in the works.  I'd better get crackin'!  Thankfully, granddaughter Erin is a pro with the SnapSetter tool, so she will help pound in some of the snaps for those wallets some Saturday before craft fair season hits full force.

So many little time!!!!!!!



  1. Wow, that's an amazing deal on the lovely faux suede! The colours are beautiful and I love how the little pouch turned out! So useful too! Happy sewing :)

  2. Great fabrics...and what a great buy! Love the houndstooth.
    I like the idea of a key ring or even a wrist strap too.
    These will be such a great addition for shows and stocking stuffers!

  3. My favorites are those houndstooth prints... not only because my husband the Bama's fan, but because lately I feels sixties vibes:)

    1. Ha.Ha. Sixties vibes are good, good, good, good vibrations.

  4. Great bargains and great work! I love the card wallets! I am sure they will be a hit in the Fall shows!

    1. I hope you're right. If they don't sell well, at least I don't have a lot invested in materials. I hope they do well. Thank you for stopping by!

  5. The card wallets are great! Love the houndstooth fabric on the one you made for your husband.

    1. Thanks, Melissa! I appreciate your encouraging words, because I totally trust your fashion sense!