Sunday, October 26, 2014

Treasury Thanks

Good Sunday morning!

I am happy to report that I had a surprisingly good experience at the Faith Lutheran Arts & Crafts Fair in Lincoln, NE, yesterday, despite an 11:00 am home Huskers football game which created a 3.5 hour "dead zone" -- virtually no customers.  The early morning shoppers turned out in force, wearing their Husker red.  On average I sold one item every 90 seconds from 9:00 - 10:30 am!  And there was another little spurt of activity after the game from 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm!  During the long lull I was able to work on Halloween finger puppets for our office trick-or-treat event (faculty, staff and students bring children / grandchildren to trick-or-treat from office to office). 

It was also another surprisingly good week for Etsy treasuries!  Each week I like to take an opportunity to extend a huge THANK YOU to the curators of Etsy treasuries who feature items from my Etsy shops, Pasque Flower Creations and Aunt Pheba's Vintage, in treasuries over the past week.
This week offered a delightful mix, so please take a moment to enjoy this sneak peek of items from their shops, and, if you particularly like a shop or an item, please Like, Favorite, or Pin to share some Etsy love.

Lynn Watkinson of ItchyFingersLynny featured my bright dots foldover clutch with navy blue corduroy accents in her TEMPT Team treasury, Blue, Blue, Blue.  Lynn's itchy fingers create beautiful woven ornaments which remind me of traditional wheat weaving.  This beautifully-crafted bridal shower straw heart would be a lovely keepsake for a bridal shower, or a decoration for a Nature-themed or Fall wedding.

Camille of NoKturnalCeramics featured my nature accent pillow in her treasury, She Walks In Beauty.  If you are looking for an exquisitely-crafted gift, please visit Camille's shop.  This beautiful ocean bowl is just one of the lovely items you will find there.

Suzanne Perry of GlowBlocks featured my unisex baby bib and my orange pencil-shaped pencil pouch in her treasury, Colorful October Gifts.   Suzanne's shop has the neatest night lights. 

This fun wine glass night light reminds me of my daughter's Brooklyn days, when she and her roommates painted a wall in blue chalkboard paint, so guests could write on the wall with colored chalk when they hosted parties.  I sense she's aged out of that party-party-party phase.  She's now a serious working girl and grad student with a sweet and handsome boyfriend, living in Baltimore, MD and commuting to the University of Maryland-College Park.

My daughter Allison with boyfriend Ben-2014
But I digress....

Jessica and Bryan King of FeathandKee featured my red and white chevron oven mitt in their treasury, Finds in Red.  You'll find some unique gift items at FeathandKee, including these wonderful

Kathy of Tapestry316 featured my aqua chevron oven mitt in her treasury, It's Still Summer Here!  Kathy's shop is on vacation following a long move involving several of her "critters."   If you have a horse lover on your Christmas list, be sure to visit Kathy's shop when she reopens. Here is a sample of Kathy's artwork.


Speaking of horses, Roy Air of buyairsupply featured my newly-listed horses baby bib in his treasury, Excited to Buy.   My older grandsons are avid chess players, so I was immediately attracted to this beautifully crafted chess board in Roy's shop.

Rachel Pennington of RPArtandVintage featured my gray, tan and white masculine pillow cover in her treasury, Autumn Temptations.   You'll find some truly OOAK classic pieces in Rachel's vintage shop.  This vintage French leather satchel c. 1950 is one of my favorites.  (That's even before MY time!) 

Mike Kraus of MikeKrausArt featured my retro-inspired linen bow clutch in his treasury, A Guide to Being Classy.  I REALLY like Mike's art pieces.  He captures the essence of birch forests, lakes and woodlands, reminiscent of areas I visited growing up in the upper Midwest, but he ramps up the color a few notches.  Love that effect!  This red birch forest original acrylic is one of my favorites.

Pauline Clarke of polsknitsnstuff featured my gray and yellow uptown oven mitt in her treasury, Thank You Treasury - Part 1.   I just love this one of a kind chunky knit pull on hat from Pauline's shop.

Jessica and Bryan King of FeathandKee featured my Halloween bunting in their treasury, Fun Finds for Halloween.   These teal and copper cube earrings combine an on-trend geometric shape, a winning color combo, and exquisite craftsmanship.  What a lovely gift these would be!

Mike Krausof MikeKrausArt featured my nature pillow cover in his treasury, Things for My Wife.  What a thoughtful hubby!   And I am delighted because now I get to feature another wonderful piece of Mike's art -- this winter woods postcard.  You could add a touch of seasonal class to your home or office by propping this beautiful piece on a tiny easel.

I got a double feature in the Gifts for All treasury curated by Diane Waters of muddywaterscc.  She featured my horses baby bib and my aqua roses on brown oven mitt in her treasury.  One double feature deserves another.  Here is a wonderful purple satin tea set from Diane's shop.  (No surprise I picked that one -- purple is my favorite color.) 

Diane also has a whimsical side.  Her adorable piggy banks would make a lovely baby shower gift -- nursery d├ęcor now, and useful savings tool as the child becomes old enough for an allowance.  Here is Jesse the jade green piggy bank.  Isn't he cute?!!

Suzanne Perry of GlowBlocks featured my birch trees and fawn baby bib in her treasury, Beautiful Trees.  I know I have some cat lovers in the crowd, so this adorable night light from Suzanne's shop is for you.

Cassie of CassieVision featured my wool plaid foldover clutch in her treasury, Rustic Bath.  Cassie's shop includes bead woven amulets crafted my Cassie's mom, Karen, who is disabled.  Cassie said, "She would really love to hear that her beaded bag is getting attention."  Tribal is right on trend, and these beautifully-crafted pieces would be lovely gifts.  They are available in a variety of colors.  Here is an amulet in gold and black

Camille of NoKturnalCeramics featured my Spit Happens bib in her treasury, Green Envy.  Holiday baking season is fast approaching.  I couldn't resist this beautiful purple mixing bowl from Camille's shop.  She calls it a gingerbread mixing bowl. 

Alvecote Marina of Alvecote1 featured my aqua and white chevron oven mitt in her treasury, Blues.  I LOVE this hand knit knee length sweater dress in purple and gold!  My hubby would notice those Minnesota Vikings colors. 

Kim Bristow of 4SeasonsCards featured my tiny trucks baby bib in her treasury, Colour Combo.  Kim is from the UK.  Only two months until Christmas!  This lovely reindeer greeting card would be a lovely way to send a greeting to a far away loved one.   Love the purple accents. 

And, speaking of purple, my Baby Boomers teammate, Bonnie Sernesky of BonniesSewCrazy featured my tigers on purple baby bib in her treasury, Purple Rain.   Bonnie is a fellow sewist.  Love this pretty pansies lunch bag and sandwich pouch! This bag is so pretty, it could make lunch chained to your desk almost enjoyable.

Rachel Pennington of RPArtandVintage featured my black and white chevron oven mitt in her dramatic treasury in black, gray and white, Time Is of the Essence 100% TEMPT.   I love this watercolor from Rachel's Old Energy series. 

Tamara of Landby featured my orange and white bunting in her treasury, Amber Autumn.  Here is just one of the awesome handmade ceramic mugs you will find at Landby.  Tamara calls this piece Song of Ice and Fire.  Love it!

Alvecote Marina of Alvecote1 featured my green and white chevron oven mitt in her treasury, Great Expectations.   This striking white and black mohair infinity scarf would be a perfect accessory for the cold winter days ahead. 

And last, but not least, Flora of FabVintage1 featured my black and white chevron oven mitt in he treasury, Black and White Romance.   If you have any fancy holiday social events on your calendar, check out this fabulous Laura Ashley black velvet vintage gown.   Wow!

On that glimmering note, I will sign off.  Thank you for stopping by, and have a wonderful week.



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