Thursday, March 26, 2015

Random Acts of Kindness

I'll confess to being a little addlebrained lately.  I'm hoping it's just late tax season fatigue, and not early onset Alzheimer's!  

Today I attended an early afternoon staff meeting at East Campus Union -- a quiet retreat during Spring Break.  As I prepared to leave my day job to head to the tax office for back-to-back tax appointments, I realized I was missing my purse.  After a moment of sheer panic, I retraced my steps since returning from the meeting.  No luck.  I realized I must have left it hanging over the back of a chair at the Union.

First Random Act of Kindness

My boss, the Director of the Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic, volunteered to drive over to the Union.
He's been working on a big project, and had a presentation to give this evening, but he took time out of his busy day to help me. 

I called the tax office to alert them I might be a few minutes late, and my coworker looked up numbers for East Campus Union, to alert them my boss was on his way.

Second Random Act of Kindness

When my boss arrived at the Union, he found the note shown above.  He went to the Bookstore and retrieved my purse.  He then sent a text, telling me to meet him by my car. He handed me my purse and the note--and I made it to the tax office three minutes before my first scheduled appointment.

Only after I returned home at 8:30 pm, did I look inside the purse to see if anything was missing.
EVERYTHING was there; an uncashed paycheck for freelance legal research and $23 in cash, my credit/debit cards and photo IDs!  God bless you, kind person!!!

If the person who wrote the note would have left contact information, I'd have been more than happy to pay a reward.  SO-- to my patient boss and to my unknown guardian angel --THANK YOU for these random acts of kindness!

I hope I have an opportunity to pay it forward soon.



  1. How wonderful and very lucky for you!! Thank goodness for honest and thoughtful people :)

  2. That's amazing! I feel like all we hear about lately is bad news, so it's great to hear about people being nice. :-)

  3. Wow, you really had someone looking out for you that day! I still believe in the goodness of humankind :) This post makes me smile :)

  4. It is always so heartening and wonderful when something like this happens! Here we had someone find $4000 in cash, and initiate a national wide search for the owner via Facebook; the owner was found within a couple of days, and was very happy indeed. We are a low income country, this was money for medical treatment for someone in the family, and just imagine losing it! and then finding!

  5. it is times like these that renew my belief that people can be so amazing. How wonderful that they crossed your path when you needed them!

  6. great story! (not the loosing part, of course!)
    I left an expensive camera in a park once with no identification inside. Someone found it, told the police who then put a notice in the paper. This lovely woman would not accept any offers of buying it but wanted to return it to its rightful owners. Nor did she want any reward. We did give her a certificate for a restaurant that we happened to have and had to urge her to take it.

  7. Awesome! Love it when people think of others and do kind things!!!!