Saturday, May 28, 2011

Time Marches On

This 12" x 12" cotton fabric swatch is a "great find" I recently purchased from Etsy shopkeeper maili from Helsinki, Finland:  My husband is 31/32 Finnish, and I'm half Dane, so this was just too good to pass up!  This unique fabric was created for the Finnish Clockmakers´ school museum and features a vintage watch face. It says "Patent Str√∂mgren og Olsen No 524" on the face – which appears to be a Danish brand.  I'm planning to stretch it over canvas to create a unique little piece of wall art.   (Thanks to Ellen Medlock for a recent tutorial on her blog!)

The cheery print reminds me that time marches on.  The background is the color of a CAUTION sign!


If my life is an hourglass, there are now more grains of sand in the bottom than in the top!  Time is a precious commodity...too precious to waste or squander on worry, mindless TV-watching, or unproductive or unfulfilling pursuits.   I'll try to spend my remaining time wisely – with family and friends, enjoying nature, creating, doing meaningful work, giving back, staying active and learning new things.  But I will also leave some time to reflect and pray and ponder, to recharge my batteries – or, in the case if this lovely old Danish watch, to keep it wound and ticking! 



LeAnn aka pasqueflower

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