Friday, July 6, 2012

Guatemalan Worry Doll

The adorable little handcrafted Guatemalan worry doll shown above is only 2.5 inches  (6.35 cm) tall!

I ordered some more hand dyed and hand woven Guatemalan fabric from Debbie Maclin at Spanglish:  I LOVED her multi-colored plaid fabric so much, I couldn’t resist some beautiful purple remnants. 

Debbie spent two years in the Peace Corps in Guatemala, and she has stayed in touch with her Guatemalan friends and weavers in remote mountain villages.  Her Etsy listings provide little lessons in Guatemalan culture and photos of the villages and villagers she remembers so fondly. 

When my package arrived in the mail, this little worry doll was included as a special thank you for being a repeat customer.  Wasn’t that nice!

According to Guatemalan legend,  children are to tell one worry to each doll when they go to bed at night.  They then place the worry doll under their pillow, and in the morning the dolls have taken their worries away.  

I plan to give this little doll to my granddaughter Madeline when I send her birthday box to New Hampshire next month.  I think she will be intrigued by the story --  and it will be a great show-and-tell for third grade, don't you think?

LeAnn aka pasqueflower


  1. What a nice idea. Wouldn't it be nice if our worries really could be carried away by a doll? The doll is adorable!

  2. Oh my gosh, I totally had those! I had a bunch that I would put under my pillow at night to take my worries away as a kid. That is too funny. I grew up in Santa Fe so you can imagine some of the cool cultural things we did. I thought everyone else had these until I moved to Colorado and everyone looked at me like I was nuts!

  3. What a great little gift to get with your order!
    I had a barrette with worry dolls on it when I was little. Your granddaughter will love it :)

  4. That is really sweet. I'm sure that your granddaughter will enjoy it.

  5. Forget giving it to the kids. I want one :)

  6. I read about these dolls in an article a while back, and I thought the idea of telling your worries to the doll very sweet :)
    Now I want one too!

  7. what a sweet gift to include with your order. I like the story behind them too. I bet your granddaughter will love it and she'll certainly be the only one in school who has one