Sunday, January 18, 2015

Treasury Thanks

Each week my Sunday post is a THANK YOU to the curators of Etsy treasuries who have featured items from my Etsy shops, Pasque Flower Creations and Aunt Pheba's Vintage, over the past week.

This week was a real BLAST, as members of the TEMPT Team saturated cyberspace with LOTS of new treasuries -- some of which made the front page of Etsy treasury!!  (Alas, the days of a true "front page" appear to be gone forever as Etsy focuses less and less on showcasing artisans and more and more on courting would-be IPO shareholders whose concerns focus on the bottom line.  It's the PROFIT not the PROCESS, the MONEY not the MAKER in the "new Etsy.") 

Okay -- I'll jump off my soap box now and share some TRULY handcrafted and vintage items.  If you're looking for a unique handmade Valentine's Day gift, you are in luck, because many of this week's treasuries had Valentine themes.

Valerie of NandysNook featured my pink ripple key fob in her treasury, Valentine's Gift Picks!  Although Valerie is expanding her product line, she is best known for her colorful crocheted cup cozies.  This mug cozy in pink would be a lovely Valentine's Day gift.  Love the heart button accent!

Maria Eugenia Ramos of Mukenia  (Argentina) featured my Valentine baby bib in her treasury, Valentine's Day!  Maria's shop features handcrafted jewelry with a modern vibe.  I love these
geometric silver plated earrings.

Lisa Lavender of TheBumbleBeadCompany also featured my Valentine bib in her treasury, TEMPT Team's The Heart Attacks.  I love this colorful shamballa bracelet from Lisa's shop!  And Lisa is having a pre-Valentine's Day sale in her shop:  50% off orders over $40.  Use Coupon Code HEARTSALE. 

Suzanne Perry of GlowBlocks also featured my Valentine bib in her treasury, A Touch of Red.  Suzanne makes unique night lights, like this wonderful coffee night light -- reminding you to wake up and smell the coffee in the morning. 

Abigail Jayne of AbigailJayneArt feature my pastel owl plushie in her treasury, January Rain & Blues.  Abigail Jayne is closing her shop.  Everything is 40% off.  Use Coupon CLOSEOUT15.
I love this hoop art piece

MemoriesforLifeSB feature my floral oven mitt in her treasury, Marsala - Pantone Color of the Year 2015 . This mustache Valentine is a perfect gift for a special guy.

Lisa of TheBumbleBeadCompany included my pink ripple key fob in her treasury, TEMPT Team's Be My Valentine.  These beautiful peach crystal earrings are just one of the beautifully-crafted jewelry items you will see in Lisa's shop. 

Patsy Bechtold of PatsysPressedFlowers featured my colorful birds oven mitt in her treasury, TEMPT to Blast Off.  Patsy's shop is full of gorgeous presse flower creations, like these pretty bookmarks.  I LOVE the pansies!

Claude Freaner of ClaudesWoodcarving featured my pink and red Valentine's bib in his treasury, Valentine’s ay Gift Suggestions from the Etsy TEMPT Team and the Woodcarvers of Etsy.  I love this cowboy bottle stopper.  

Liz from TheLittleEmptyNest has my Valentine bib in her treasury, Follow Your Heart - TEMPT Team.  This sterling silver heart charm necklace is a lovely Valentine gift suggestion!

Rena of LovelyKnotsBoutique has my colorful hearts bib in her beautiful treasury, TEMPTing Valentines Gifts #1.  This crochet boot cuffs set is a pretty yet practical gift for someone in the chilly North!  I wish there were boot cuffs when I was a teen / coed, many winters ago!

Kellee & Dorian Thomas of MoretheBuckles chose to showcase my purple chevron oven mitt in the treasury TEMPT Team Treasuries.  This vintage kissin' salt and pepper shaker set is SO precious!!

Jessica & Bryan King of FeathandKee chose to feature my retro-inspired red linen bow clutch in a BEAUTIFUL treasury, TEMPT Team Valentine's Day Gifts. This unique key ring made of aged wood is a great guy gift!

Lynn of ItchyFingersLynny featured my colorful hearts baby bib in her treasury, Heart to Heart - TEMPT Team Treasury List.  This straw favour for all seasons showcases Lynn's awesome weaving skills.  Love the pretty purple ribbon accents.

Zylo of ZyloHanmade included my gray and yellow uptown oven mitt in her treasury, Golden Light.  Zylo's shop has a great selection of these cute cup of tea hand warmers.  Mint is such a refreshing color!

Valerie of NandysNook featured my nature pillow cover in her treasury, TEMPT Team's Sugar and Spice.  This cup cozy in baby blue is one of MANY awesome crochet items you will see in Valerie's shop.

Lacote of LACOTEKIDS has my colorful hearts baby bib as one of her features in the treasury LAC2633.  I thought of Isabella and Angel when I saw this pretty shabby chic cat with pink roses. 

Lacote also has my colorful hearts bib in another treasury, LAC2630.   So that gives me an opportunity to showcase more pretty pink from her shop!  This pink nursery art is so precious!

THANKS again, curators!!  I treasure the mutual support of Etsy teams. 

I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend.  I'll be off to the tax office soon.  We were QUITE busy yesterday!



  1. Great round up! Love all the Valentine features and that first pair of earrings!
    Thank you for including my wooden Valentine :)

  2. We thought the treasury game went off so well. We did really great. Thanks so much for featuring my teabag hand warmers!

    1. It couldn't have happened without strong team leadership. Thank you!

  3. Thank so much LeAnn! I had a "blast" on Saturday! Thanks so much for featuring my coffee mug cozy. I really appreciate you my fellow artisan! :)

  4. Very fun features! Congrats on all the treasuries!

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