Sunday, May 24, 2015

Treasury Thanks: Better Late than Never

Each week I devote  my Sunday blog post to saying THANK YOU to the curators of Etsy treasuries who have featured items from my shops, Pasque Flower Creations and Aunt Pheba's Vintage, in treasuries over the past week.  As some of you know, I've had computer "issues" during the past week.  If I've missed anyone in this week's post, I apologize.  Pease let me know, and I'll try to feature your shop in a future week.

It was another banner week for treasuries.  You'll get to see even more marvelous works by artist Mike Kraus, who was curating DAILY treasuries!   Thank you, Mike!  And you'll see an array of artistry from makers around the globe.  So sit back and enjoy!  If you see something you like, please click and promote, if time permits.

Mike Kraus started his week of treasury making with his treasury, SUPER SUNDAY!  He included my pencil-shaped pencil pouches in that treasury.  This whimsical artist's trading card would be perfect for that person who can't seem to function in the morning without his/her cup of coffee.  I can think of a few!   It's called The Morning Cup of Coffee #52.

Mike's next treasury, Bear Necessities , included my gray and yellow uptown oven mitt.  Here is a wonderful acrylic, Vision Quest XVIII - part of another great series featuring birch trees.

Mike included my patriotic mini-bunting (I sold three this week!)  in his treasury, MAGNIFICENT MONDAY!   (If he weren't such a talented artist, I'd begin to suspect he's a treasury-making robot!  But I am VERY grateful for the features, and he always comes up with truly unique collections!)Hubby and I were eating stuffed green peppers on Monday night when I saw this treasury, so I was inspired to feature one of Mike's artist trading cards from his "My Favorite Foods" series -- this one is a green pepper

Nancy C. Eckert of mysticneedle featured my pastel owl plush toy in her treasury, Dreamin'  These little girls' crochet embellished socks are just SO adorable! 

Mike Kraus of MikeKrausArt is back again with his TERRIFIC TUESDAY! treasury, which included my patriotic mini-bunting.  My husband and I both grew up around lakes, so I was drawn to this new acrylic painting, Canandaigua Lake 24 x 11.5

Francie of Insideredo featured my aqua zig zag key fob in her treasury, Spring Beauties...Stop in the TEMPT Team Shops .  Father's Day is coming soon. This vintage silk tie would be a unique gift.

Susan McAnany of McAnany featured my yellow linen bow clutch in her treasury, Primary Colors .
Susan must be an artist of many moods.  This whimsical school bus piece showcases primary colors.  Can you find the dog?

Carol of ModernClassicbyCarol featured my yellow and white chevron oven mitt (I also shipped one of them to England this week - thank you, Carol!) in her sunny yellow-themed treasury, Happy Days .  I'm afraid I may have missed one of Carol's later treasuries during my computer blackout, so I'll show you TWO items from her shop.  First, these lovely yellow and white wedding napkin rings:

And here are some gorgeous napkin rings in silver, that would also be appropriate for a silver wedding anniversary celebration, should the yellow and white couple be so lucky.

Vickie Wade of VickieWadeArt featured my pastel pink floral oven mitt in her treasury, Pink on Parade.  (This one's for you, Edi!)  This lovely Mother and Daughter art print makes me miss my little girl, whose all grown up now and 27 years old. 

Osnat Soffer of ShmulikStudio in Russia featured my pencil-shaped pencil pouches in her treasury, My Rainbow Love .  I love these adorable newborn booties in blue and green -- one of the wonderful handmade items you will find in Osnat's shop. 

Speaking of babies -- Susan McAnany of McAnany featured my Spit Happens bib in her treasury, Summer Green Trends .  A HUGE part of summer in my family is baseball.  Although the Huskers bombed out of the Big 10 tourney, my Minnesota Twins and Jerry's KC Royals will keep slugging it out until baseball season gives way to football this Fall.  My brother has a VERY IMPRESSIVE collection of baseball memorabilia that fills two rooms of his house.  (He has a very tolerant wife.) 
So--I couldn't resist featuring this Sports Fan baseball art photo by McAnany.   

Mike (who by now needs no introduction) was back with a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY! treasury, which included my orange and white bunting.  Another one of my favorite new pieces from MikeKrausArt is this painting, Life on the American Plains .  This reminds me SO much of the small farm where I grew up in Lake County, South Dakota.  The young woman in the photo reminds me of my friend JoAnn, who lived three miles away.  She was my only same-grade classmate in our one-room country schoolhouse, and we have remained lifelong friends to this day. 

Eli Rolandova of PillowsRollanda featured my aqua and tan oven mitts in her treasury, Melody Cheerful Cook .  Eli's shop is filled with unique pillows. I chose to feature this FACE pillow . 

Vickie Wade of VickieWadeFineArt curated a stunningly beautiful treasury in red and black, WONDERFUL WORK .  I love this painting of a mom and two daughters -- it captures the girls' personalities. 

Jessica and Bryan of FeathandKee featured my earthy key fob in their treasury, Inspired by BuyKC's ... To Blast Off!  This salvaged would key chain would be a nice Father's Day gift, graduation gift, or teacher gift.

Holly Bean of HollyoftheEarth featured my colorful birds oven mitt (also sold two of those this week!) in her treasury, Wind Beneath Her Wings.  Every frame includes a bird or feather.  This unique aromatherapy necklace is a way to carry your soothing (or energizing) scents with you via a beautiful boho necklace. 

Valerie of NandysNook included my red and white chevron oven mitt in her Memorial Day-themed treasury, Pay Tribute .  This coffee mug cozy in red is one of MANY beautifully-crafted hand crocheted items you will find in Valerie's shop.  I just spied some new red white and blue mason jar covers, too!  Wouldn't those be fun for a 4th of July BBQ! 

MJsFlowerfield featured my colorful birds oven mitt in her treasury, Love Is Like a Bird Song TEMPT Treasury Blast Off .  I just LOVE this lace flower necklace from her shop! 

Cassie of CassieVision curated a patriotic-themed treasury, Red White and Blue .  She's added some new red white and blue bobby pins to her shop.  Wouldn't those be fun to wear on the 4th of July?

Mike of MikeKrausArt is back!  This time he featured my pastel owl soft toy and rattle in his treasury, TERRIFIC THURSDAY!   Here's another fun artist's trading card from his favorite foods series.  This one is called Pizza Time

Osnat Soffer of ShmulikStudio is also making a repeat appearance.  She included my patriotic mini-bunting in her treasury, Black & Red Dreamy Gifts .  I love this little light blue amurugumi doll -- and the sleeping baby is SO precious!!

Back to Mike of MikeKrausArt and his SUPER SATURDAY! treasury, which included my pencil-shaped pencil pouches.  I think this next piece has to be me favorite in Mike's favorite foods series -- and it is SO seasonally appropriate!  It's called Have S'More.   A gift for a Scout leader, perhaps?

Fatima Sismantar of SESIMTAKI featured my pastel blue houndstooth foldover clutch in her treasury, Summer Shopping 2015 - 63 . This freeform crochet necklace is truly a statement piece-- a perfect boho accent for summer. 

Carol of ModernClassicbyCarol featured my winter trees baby bib in her treasury, Birds & the Bees & the Flowers & the Trees.  I'm old enough to remember those lyrics, which I sang along to my transistor radio back in the day.  This burlap and lace wedding napkin ring would be fun for a reception after a barn wedding (a big deal in the Midwest) or a country chic wedding. 

And if you're looking for vintage lace -- might I suggest AuntPhebasVintage, or a host of other vintage sellers on Etsy.

Holly Bean of HollyoftheEarth is also back for an encore, this time with her treasury, Caramels and Chocolate -- two if MY favorite foods, for sure!  I was honored to have my brown and white chevron oven mitt included in this beautiful treasury.  This beautiful primitive natural materials necklace includes mahogany pods.  

Mike Kraus returns with a delightful visual story poem treasury, Nice Day for a White Weddin' .  I can almost hear the heavy metal bass in the background.  Here's one of my favorite in Mike's whimsical elephant series -- purple elephant.

And Osnat Soffer is making an encore as well!  She included my daisies on blue oven mitt in her treasury, Blue & Gold .  Here is a blue amigurumi doll from ShmulikStudio.  I just think this little guy is SO cute!!

Ekaterina Syromyatnikova of KaterinaMenthe included my patriotic mini-bunting in her treasury, Summer Dreams #36 .  This adorable artist bear made me smile! 

Nole of LoopyChicCrochet featured my colorful bird oven mitt in her treasury, A BIG Thank You to TEMPT Team Members!   If you'll be having guests over the 4th of July -- or going camping, check out these great red white and blue handmade washcloths!   They'd be a cute hostess gift, too.

Kathy and Wayne of Rocks2Gems2Wire included my autumn leaves oven mitts in their treasury, Back to Basics . Love this arrowhead necklace!

Eli Rolandova of PillowsRollanda featured my crocus oven mitt in her treasury, Purple Shopping Under $50 .  This cute purple smiley face pillow would be fun for a tween's room. 

Carol of ModernClassicbyCarol featured my gray and yellow uptown oven mitt in her treasury, Shades of Gray.  Gray and aqua is a lovely color combo -- so have a look at these festive aqua wedding napkin rings

Susan McAnany of McAnany featured my lavender floral oven mitt in her treasury, Plum Delicious .  So many purple pretties.  This lovely lavender orchid art photo would fit right in.

Mandala Svetlana Barba featured my uptown yellow and gray oven mitt in her treasury, Handmade Accessories 11 . This Ishvara Mandala is so colorful.  Stunning! 

Karen Lange of borntolovebruce (as in Bruce Springsteen) featured my azalea oven mitt in her treasury, Enticing . This guitar bracelet would be fun to sport at a rock concert. 

MandalaSvetlanaBarba also featured my lavender floral oven mitt in her treasury, June Trends.  As we segue into June, I'll leave you with this breathtakingly beautiful painting called Birth of New Life .

Next week's post will also be late. We are going to Arizona to visit our three grandsons May 27-31.  We will not return until VERY late next Sunday night. 

For my followers in the USA, enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day weekend!  Have a great week!



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