Monday, April 16, 2012


Our lilac bush is just beginning to bloom!  I love the color and scent of lilacs.  I also love Pasque flowers (the South Dakota state flower) and tulips.  The Pasque flower photo was taken by my cousin’s wife, Debra Quist.

I decided to consult Wikipedia and E-How to learn a little more about this fragrant flower.   I discovered that there are over 20 species of lilacs, and that the lilac bush is actually part of the olive family. Lilacs are used in aromatherapy, because the scent is considered to be soothing and calming.  Herbalists use lilac tea as a tonic, and to treatment for parasitic intestinal worms, kidney disease, and malaria.

The lilac is also the state flower of New Hampshire, a state near and dear to my heart because my son Tim and his family live there.  I’ll be visiting them April 27-30, 2012.  I love New Hampshire’s state flower almost as much as their state motto:  Live Free or Die. 

While browsing on Etsy, I found several varieties of handmade lilac soap.  Perhaps I’ll buy some as a little reward to myself when I hit 200 Etsy sales, so I can savor the scent after the blooms have faded. 

Do you have a favorite Spring flower?

LeAnn aka pasqueflower


  1. Oh my gosh ours is blooming too!! I didn't even know we had it because we moved in in September and it was not doing well last year. You can imagine my excitement when it started blooming this year!!!

  2. Lilacs were one of my favorite things about living in New England. I just love them; the fragrance is intoxicating. I didn't know they were the state flower of NH, either!

    The Pasque flowers that grow here are much paler purple than yours, and we won't see them for another month yet.

    Happy spring!

  3. I haven't heard of a pasque flower but they are lovely.

    Lilacs are something my heart yearns for here in the deserts of Arizona.

  4. I can smell the flowers just by seeing your photos!
    We had lilac bushes in the house I grew up in and every time I see them I'm reminded of home :)

  5. I love lilacs, though not many grown here in the PNW. When I lived in the midwest, there were lots of varities. I miss seeing them in bloom!

  6. My lilacs came in February! I am a former SD girl myself so the first year down South I totally missed them blooming..I was so bummed! I think they do better in the North..they are of Siberian roots. When we lived in Fargo ours were ginormous! Pasque flowers around these parts!