Thursday, August 9, 2012

Boo to You, Too!

I was one of the lucky pattern testers who had a chance to make samples using a wonderful new applique Halloween treat bag pattern designed by Sher Hastings of Sher Hastings Designs.  The pattern is now in final downloadable .pdf format, and available for purchase in Sher's shop for just $4.50 -- Such a Deal!!

It was amazing that each of the pattern testers, using exactly the same pattern, came up with such unique bags.  Check out Sher's blog, Sher's Creative Space, to see all the "test" bags:

It's hard to think of Halloween when the temps are still in the high 90s, but I know from past experience that NOW is the time to start making Halloween-themed items for my Etsy shop, and for the craft fair where I'll be vending October 27, 2012.  So I've been making cute not too scary felt finger puppets for the craft show.  See my Going Batty! post for a sneak preview.  And I've also made (and already sold!) some cute Halloween buntings.  I also plan to use one of the buntings to decorate my booth at the craft fair in October:

Do you decorate for Halloween?  Do you wear a costume?  One year I wore black pants and a black sweater and told the grandsons I was a shadow. (Lame, I know.)  I don't really get into the whole costume thing -- but CANDY, I really get into candy!!  Miniature Snickers bars are my favorite.  And this year I may give out some of those cute little finger puppets, to my favorite little neighborhood trick-or-treaters.

LeAnn aka pasqueflower


  1. I loved seeing all the different takes on Sher's design on her blog. Your bags are cute and your bunting is even cuter :)
    I love the idea of a bunting for a booth decoration! You've got my mind at work now!

  2. I'm definitely ready for Halloween! I'm already starting to plan my costume, haha.

    The bunting is adorable! I think it will look great in your booth.

  3. Oh man, now that Luci is going to be 2 we really need to do something fun! I was thinking of making the whole family dress up as the Flinstones. Luci would be the perfect Pebbles! And Kyle and I are Fred and Wilma to a T!

  4. Hahaha! I hate decorating or dressing up, I'll have to remember that "shadow" costume. LOL.

  5. I loved your bags! And your bunting will be a great touch at the show.

    I don't decorate for halloween but I just might if the decorations were cute like these things.

  6. Love your bags! Sher's designs are so cute! I used to decorate for halloween and always made the kid's costumes, but once they became adults and moved out, I don't anymore. But I usually put out a little halloween vignette for my granddaughter to enjoy! Mostly cute ceramics that I made!

  7. Thanks for being one of my pattern testers! Everyone did a great job.

    I love your bunting so much that I just put on on my "to do" list so I can have a little decoration for my house, probably my craft room!

    I've actually found the time to make some fun things for myself lately.

  8. Great pattern! Looks like y'all had a lot of fun!

  9. Fascinating how people can make a pattern design fit their own style of creating!

  10. What fun Halloween items. Lucky you, for being a pattern tester.
    Everyday Inspired