Monday, August 6, 2012

Rhapsody Revealed

As promised, I have two purple items to feature in today's Shameless Commerce post -- more eco-friendly cloth napkins.  Rhapsody (Pantone 16-3817) is a beautiful medium purple that is one of the Pantone's featured colors in the Fashion Color Report for Fall 2012:

Now I happen to love PURPLE any season, any year.  And I also love the hand-dyed and handwoven Guatemalan cotton fabrics used in these napkins.  I purchased the fabric as remnants from Debbie Maclin at Spanglish Fabrics:  ( Because they were made from remnants, they are one of a kind - OOAK.)

Debbie was a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala, and she continues to support the craftswomen in mountain villages who weave these beautiful fabrics on treadle looms.

I especially like the fabric featuring ombre bars in shades of purple and lavender.  Each napkin is like a piece of abstract art!


The plaid is more traditional, and has a heavier, nubby texture, while still being very soft to the touch.

I decided to hand hem these napkins and miter the corners.  The fabric was prewashed with Retayne, a fixative that prevents bleeding in hand-dyed fabrics, so they are machine washable.

To see more eco-friendly, reusable cloth napkins, visit the Kitschy Kitchen Stuff section of my Etsy shop, Pasque Flower Creations:

LeAnn aka pasqueflower


  1. I love cloth napkins and yours are beautiful - much to pretty to use ;-)

  2. Purple in the kitchen would be so cheery...I love that!

  3. I like the purple. I was looking for a new rug for the bathroom and spied a pretty purple one. I don't think my hubby would have appreciated that choice;)

  4. The Plaid is just too darn cute!

  5. I really hope cloth napkins come back in a big way. It's better for so many reasons. And I love purple and plaid.


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