Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ask Me About My ETSY Shop - OFFLine Marketing

It’s Shameless Commerce Tuesday, but instead of showcasing a new listing from my Etsy shop, I’m dedicating this post to marketing OFFline. 

Where????...OFFlline, you say? 

I can already hear your virtual protests mumblings, “But I live ONline.  I’m wired 24/7!  I compulsively check my shop – and when I’m not doing that (or at work) I’m on Facebook, or Pinterest, or Twitter, or Instagram.  I spend more time in cyberspace than I do in my studio!”

I know. I know.  I’ve been there.

But today I’m inviting you to step away from the computer and engage with REAL PEOPLE face to face.  Talk to them about your Etsy shop.  OFFline.  In the “Real World” – that place we all inhabited once upon a time before we became glued to our computer screens, big and small.

As an Introvert, I realize the enormous discomfort that may create.  But stay with me for a minute.   I’m not saying you need to become some pushy broad door-to-door salesperson.  If you are an Etsy seller who creates handcrafted items or artwork, just go to where you expect to find a friendly crowd – a craft fair, farmer’s market, church bazaar, county fair, an art in the park event – anywhere people appreciate handmade items.   Then subtly invite people to ask you about your Etsy shop.

I invested $4.26 of my marketing budget to purchase thisterrific button from Jen at malibuquilts:

She also has buttons that say “Ask Me About My Wife’s ETSY Shop.”  I didn’t buy one for my hubby—yet.  

I definitely plan on wearing my new button to all three craft fairs I have scheduled this Fall.  I am always amazed at the number of people I meet who have never heard of Etsy. 

AND - I can give them my one-minute “elevator speech” describing Etsy and my shop.  (An elevator speech can be any kind of short speech, usually 30 seconds or so, that sells an idea or promotes your business. For tips on crafting an elevator speech, check out this post from Pepperdine University.)  

I’ll be sure I’m wearing pants with POCKETS when I wear that button, so when someone does ask me about my Etsy shop, I can hand them one of my cute little MOO business cards.  (Better yet, I'll make a cute little business card holder I can keep in my pocket.)

So, fellow Etsians – I hope you'll accept my challenge to "unplug" for a little while, and venture forth into the “Real World.”  You might meet some very nice people – and future customers!



  1. Great post! That button is a nice ice-breaker :) I have to admit I don't do a lot of offline marketing, but I do remember to hand out my business cards whenever I'm out there...

    1. My button arrived in the mail today--and I did hand out a business card, too.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. We all need a pep talk now and then -- including me!

  3. I recently spoke with a shop owner about selling my items there! It's always a little nerve-racking, but it can sure pay off to get out there :)

  4. Excellent advice! I too have been making big changes in my life as far as balancing things. I've devised a way where I can still market, but spend less time at my computer. I've also added a standing workstation to my studio so that most of my online business is not done sitting on my butt! Funny, I have a similar blog post that I'm actually working on right now that is quite similar to this. I was inspired by another blog to write mine. It must be a trend!

    Love your idea about the button and business cards!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Sher! I'll look forward to reading your post.

  5. Wonderful idea. I think I might get one of those buttons in various colours to match every outfit! Need to also consider getting the fancy business cards too ...

    1. The button arrived today -- worth every penny!! And I love the MOO cards -- they are very well made and versatile --they can double as hang tags at craft fairs.

  6. That's true. Marketing is multiplanar and multivalent. It involves a myriad of strategies, as well as ways and means, and yes the key thing is to reach out to people, whenever and wherever. In fact, the only thing that really needs to be mechanized in a specific system is the bookkeeping and accounting aspect, where it's a matter of figure and numbers that should be juggled instantly and immediately, in ways that don't get in the way of the people aspect. Just like it should be. Those should just be dealt with alongside. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

    Herman Thompson @ AccountAbility Plus