Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Stocking the Cyber Shelves

It's Shameless Commerce Tuesday, and with only one craft fair remaining on the 2014 calendar (December 6), I have focused my attention on adding new items to my Etsy shop, Pasque Flower Creations.  Views and Likes are up, but sales are depressingly slow, so I'm hoping to mix it up a bit and see if that helps. 

One of the holiday trends is PERSONALIZATION.  I have a limited capacity embroidery machine.  I've used it to personalize custom walker bags, and now I will offer personalized baby bibs as well.

I chose Liam for my sample, because it is currently the top baby boy name in the USA. Emma is the top baby girl name. 

I've also added some ready to ship prairie pioneer sunbonnets to the Etsy shop.  My bonnets are made from high quality 100% cotton reproduction fabric (true to designs from the 1850-1890 era).

I've also added several houndstooth card wallets to the Clutches, Wallets and Bags section of my shop.  These would be perfect gift card holders, stocking stuffers, or teacher gifts at only $6.00 plus shipping.  (Less than that if you used Coupon Code CYBER20 at checkout.)

I also have some leopard print clutches and some new oven mitts on the cutting table -- and doll quilts in the planning stage -- more on those in a future post perhaps.

Fall has fallen.  Winter has arrived.  I woke to snow on the ground today and frigid temps, after a night of the north wind howling and rattling windows.  Brrrr!



  1. Snow already! We've had consistently cold temperatures since early October, but no snow (yet). Plenty of rain though. Personalization is huge! I bet people will love those custom baby bibs :)

  2. I wonder how you will do with the sun bonnets. I hope well, I know my daughter would wear one in the garden.

  3. So great that you're using your embroidery machine! The bibs will make such great gifts!
    The wind has been fierce the last few days! Where did our nice warm temps go?!?

  4. Somehow I hadn't realized your bonnets are from repro fabrics. I'm a big history geek and have worked at a couple historic sites, so I think that's pretty cool. Great idea to show a sample customization with the two top baby names! I wouldn't have thought of that.

  5. I love the little wallets and clutches. Those are great to give with a gift card!

  6. It sounds like you're ready with some great items!
    very cold here today--30ish. I'm NOT ready for snow yet!

  7. I love the bonnets LeAnn! They remind me of the ones that my great grandmother used to make and wear when she would work outside.