Sunday, November 9, 2014

Treasury Thanks

Only 45 days until Christmas! YIKES!

Even though the USA Thanksgiving holiday is late this year, this week's treasuries are a clear indication that we have collectively set our sights on Thanksgiving and Christmas -- and yes, according to the little widget at the bottom of my blog, there are only 45 days until Christmas.   My attempt to encourage early sales with a 20% off CYBER20 Coupon Code has not been successful to date, so I'm bracing for a frantic holiday rush.
This week, as always, I devote my Sunday post to saying THANK YOU to the curators of Etsy treasuries who featured items from my Etsy shops, Pasque Flower Creations and Aunt Pheba's Vintage, in treasuries over the past week.  Please enjoy this sampling of items from their shops, and Like and Share if you can.  We're all in this together - promoting handmade and small entrepreneurs.  You may even be able to cross a few names of your shopping list!  So sit back and enjoy!
Margaret of Splendid Little Stars featured my leaves of gold table runner in her treasury, Autumn Is in the Air.  (That's for sure -- today is "brisk"!) This pretty silk velvet scrunchie in rosy red from Margaret's shop would be great for the holidays. 
Valerie of NandysNook featured my aqua on brown oven mitt in her treasury, Tempting Greens.  These Aran coffee cup cozies are one of the beautifully-crafted crochet items you will find at Nandy's Nook.  In fact -- I ordered a set.  They will be perfect stocking stuffers for two of my adult kids who are commuters and coffee lovers.  They were beautifully packaged, and the workmanship was outstanding. 
My cousin Lise (LL Pyles) of DustyDiggerLise featured my jungle animals in aqua and black baby bib in her treasury, Cowbaby.  If you have a little cowboy or cowgirl on your list, be sure to check out this treasury!  Lise's vintage shop specializes in paper vintage items -- a great browse!  As Boomers, we grew up watching Westerns on TV.  This 1940s riders magazine ad predates us, but it is a reminder of those bygone days.  And for any Prairie Home Companion fans -- it reminds me of Garrison Keillor's fictional cowboys, Dusty and Lefty.

Vita Epstein of JewelrybyVita featured my tomatoes and herbs on gray oven mitt (one of my personal faves) in her budget-friendly gift guide treasury, Under 25 - For Kids and Grownups.  I chose to feature this silver and leather choker from Vita's shop. 

This beautiful statement piece is part of her natural leaves jewelry line, that Vita describes as follows:

I love the shape of my trees. In fact, we all love trees. We adore their size, their shape, colure, even their age – but we hardly look at their leaves – their smallest component… The leaves in my jewelry are the theme. They had been collected from very common trees , lots of which we see along the sidewalks, and in public gardens (like Sisam and Kisos. I am not sure about their botanical names..) After drying them, they are coated by Silver Sterling in an electroforming process which gives them their hardness and preserves their original texture.

What I do is taking them out of their original context and from being small and ignored elements – I turned them into an autonomous objects, beautiful as they are for themselves - I give them another “life” .Since they are so trivial, they even can be understood as a metaphor for other trivial and ignored things around us – that we can easily enjoy!!!...

My leaves items are for Nature lovers. Once you notice their origin, you cannot ignore them, neither the woman who wear them…."

For the chocker in the photo, go to:
For matching earrings, see:
and for other leaves items, visit my shop:
Natashalh of StalkingTheWildSnark featured my orange and white chevron oven mitt in her treasury, Fall Flair.  This African tribal wrist wrap includes some of the beautiful colors of Fall.  

Christine and Rebekah from NowandEverGifts featured my red and white chevron oven mitt in their gift guide treasury, Gifts for Women - $20 or Less   I love the look of this blue and white leather bracelet:

Sharon of GoodWillGallery also created a budget-friendly gift guide in her treasury, Gif Ideas for $20 and Under!   I love this California sunset photo from Sharon's gallery!

LovelyKnotsBoutique featured my aqua chevron oven mitt in her treasury, Hints of Blue.  This beautiful crocheted hood in shades of blue would be a pretty and practical gift for those of us who live where the North wind blows all Winter.
Rachel Pennington of RPArtandVintage featured my houndstooth eyeglass case in her treasury, Vintage Beauty.  This week I'm featuring another beautiful watercolor from Rachel's Old Energy series.  Love her work!

Margaret of SplendidLittleStars featured my abstract floral baby bib in her treasury, A Baby Is Born!  This silk velvet scrunchie in pink would be a fun Mom gift at a baby girl shower.

Jessica and Bryan King of FeathandKee featured my snowflakes on red oven mitt in their treasury, Christmas Finds 11.7.14.  These triangle Christmas earrings are festive and right on trend with their striking geometric shape -- and fun to wear to a holiday party.

Liz from TheLittleEmptyNest also featured my snowflake on red oven mitt in her treasury, Red and White TEMPT Team Items.  This cherry garden lanyard would be a lovely way to spread a littley holiday cheer at the office.

SeductiveBodyWorks featured my bright leaves oven mitts in the treasury, Trendy Gift Ideas.  This angel wing belly button ring is one of the pretty jewelry items designed for piercings beyond the ear lobes.  Got Millennials on your holiday list -- with piercings?  Consider an Etsy gift card with a link to this shop. 

Cassie of CassieVision featured my dorm décor pillow in her treasury, Baby Blues.  These dark crystal earrings are one of the truly unique handcrafted jewelry items you will find in Cassie's shop.

Valerie of NandysNook featured my snowflakes on red oven mitts in her treasury, Christmas is on its way . . ..  This bright red coffee mug cozy would be a wonderful stocking stuffer -- or treat yourself and wrap it around your mug as you enjoy the lights on the tree and the sounds and smells of Christmas. 

Kyriaki Stratakou of KyriakisAtelier featured my black and white chevron oven mitt in her stunning treasury, To the Moon and Back - Black and White.   This decorative bottle would be a lovely gift for anyone who loves New York City.  Alas -- my daughter has moved from Brooklyn to Baltimore.

Evgeny Hontor of DemiurgusDreams featured one of two beautiful coral and white Acoma Pueblo pottery pieces from my vintage shop, Aunt Pheba's Vintage, in her treasury, Brown.  Evgeny creates fantasy features in sculptures and figurines.  This lovely unicorn is just one of many beautiful pieces in Evgeny's shop.

And I'll end on a festive note.  Christy from belleonabudget featured my retro-inspired red linen bow clutch in her treasury, It's a Christmas Party!   I think these red, green and crystal earrings would be great fun to wear to a Christmas party - and at only $5.50, why not splurge a little on you, your Secret Santa, or someone on your gift list.

And there you have it -- another wonderful week for treasuries.  Please share the Etsy love by visiting some of these shops.

Now Ho, Ho, Ho -- I'm off to sew!





  1. Seriously? 45 days? I really need to put it in high gear! I think I'll be locked in my studio for weeks. So many things to make for business, personal, and donations.

    Great features and congratulations on all the treasuries!

    1. I'm sharing your sense of panic. SEW much to do, so little time!!

  2. Woah - that unicorn is awesome! The leaf necklace is beautiful, too. Congrats on so many treasuries and thanks for including my wrist wraps!

    1. You are very welcome. Love your yoga mat strap, too. Tried to comment, but I couldn't get it to "take."

  3. Love the coffee cozies (with their wooden buttons!) and you're right that they'll make great gifts.
    Congrats on all these beautiful treasuries!

  4. Thank you so much for including my earrings in your post! That red clutch that you have in your shop is darling and so festive! :)

    Best of luck to everyone as we hunker down for the shopping season!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Christy! Love those earrings!

  5. Thank you LeAnn.
    It is a great feeling,
    knowing that another person
    somewhere over the globe,appreciates
    your work.Especially when this person
    is himself an artisan, who can share
    the aches and joys of creation!
    Merry Christmas,
    and good sales