Sunday, June 14, 2015

Treasury Thanks

Good Sunday morning!

The rain has stopped, the sun is shining, but I've been down with the flu for the past three days.
Hoping to rally today.

It was a wonderful week for treasuries.  Most of the themes were celebrations of summer, and many reflected a longing to be at the beach.  I could certainly relate to those!!  There is something about lakes, oceans, and babbling brooks that seems to calm my Soul.

Kim Cole of BeachDaisyJewelry featured my pencil shaped pencil pouches in her colorful treasury, Time to Play .  This crocheted circle headband in blue would be a pretty way to keep hair under control on a breezy summer day.

Greta Guizzardi of IlGiardinolncantado featured my lavender floral oven mitt in her treasury, Violet .  Her fairy wings bookmark reminded me of my granddaughter in New Hampshire who loves fairies and especially fairy houses. 

Kim Cole of BeachDaisyJewelry featured my BBQ oven mitt in her treasury Love - a celebration of red and black.  The 4th of July (Independence Day holiday in the USA) is just around the corner.  This red white and blue mason jar cozy would be great for a summer picnic or backyard barbecue.

Georgia of gmaloudesigns also featured my BBQ oven mitt in her treasury, Love-Love-Love .  This cute little magenta pyramid wristlet would be perfect when packing light for a summer outing.

El boem of zuzuJewelry featured my houndstooth eyeglass case in her treasury, Monday 12:00.  These wonderful vintage earrings caught my eye while I was browsing at zuzuJewelry.  I'm seeing a lot of turquoise and mint this summer -- lovely colors!

Luna of LunaShawls featured my winter trees baby bib in her treasury "with love" No478.  Luna's shop includes an AMAZING assortment of shawls.  This lovely gray shawl is simply elegant.   

Sarah Leonard of ACatLikeCuriosity featured my yellow linen bow clutch in her treasury, We All Live in a Yellow Submarine.  Ahh -- the Beatles!!  Sounds of my youth!  This golden haired pixie girl art print reminds me of my beautiful blonde tween granddaughter, Madeline -- but her eyes are blue.

Marcia of ImagineThatBaby featured my poppies on teal oven mitts in her treasury, Many Thanks My Friend -- a treasury thanks treasury!  If you're ever in need of a baby shower gift, stop by and visit Marcia's shop!  I just love these sweet little booties

Kate Brooks of PiecesofHomeMosaics featured my red linen bow clutch in her treasury, TeamEarl and Friends T1.   I love the modern edgy look of this aluminum fused glass cuff.   Definitely a statement bracelet.

Bonnie Sernesky of BonniesSewCrazy also featured my red linen bow clutch in her treasury, Red Hot .  I love this hibiscus red insulated sandwich pouch -- so much classier than a "brown bag" lunch for those of us who usually eat at our desks at work.

Rose of CCBR2014 (CCBR stands for Crafty Creations By Rose) included my purple and gold key fob in her treasury, Lavender Finds .  I love this purple ruffle scarf from Rose's shop -- and check out that classy mannequin cover! 

Fatma Sismanlar of SESIMTAKI featured my prairie pioneer sunbonnet in her treasury, Summer Shopping - 2015 - 178 .  I love this freeform crochet necklace from Fatma's shop -- one of many truly unique accessories you'll find browsing her beautiful shop.

Renee and Gerardo of GTDesigns included my patriotic bunting in their treasury, Follow Your Heart - .  This vintage chess set might be a great Father's Day gift. 

Kristen of KTAT Designs featured my navy and white chevron oven mitt in her treasury, Contrast.  It was SO hart to choose just one item to feature.  Kristen's shop is full of temptingly gorgeous finds - I love everything in her shop.  But I finally decided on these green opal dangle earrings

Anna Margaritou of AnnaRecycle also featured my navy and white chevron oven mitt in her treasury, ***Violet and More*** . These gold bronze earrings are one of the amazing jewelry pieces you will find at AnnaRecycle.  SO pretty!

Gunn N. Morstel of EtchedPassion featured my autumn leaves oven mitts in the treasury, Opening the Way .  This etchings collage is a sample of one of the unique art pieces incorporating etching that you will find at EtchedPassion.

Rose of CCBR2014 included my green chevron oven mitt in her refreshing treasury, Green PastelsThis crochet baby blanket would be a beautiful pastel baby shower gift.

MaxsUniquities included my happy camper oven mitt in her treasury, Summer Mix by Max 2 .  Max has some truly amazing vintage items.  If you're looking for a guy gift -- especially for someone who loves tools and woodworking, Max's shop is a virtual treasure trove of gift ideas.  Today I chose to feature this Wall Letter F

Edi of MemoriesforLifeSB included my yellow chevron oven mitt in her sunny treasury, Sunshine Summer .  Edi makes amazing things with her lasers -- like these Dad beer mugs.  She also makes personalized glassware sets for weddings, etc. -- and personalized wooden cutting boards -- and lots of other cool stuff.

Mike Kraus of MikeKrausArt included my patriotic bunting in his treasury, FANTASTIC FRIDAY!  I know several people who just can't function in the morning until they've had their morning cup of coffee, so I just had to feature this Morning Cup of Coffee #90 .  Mike has a whole series of coffee art pieces. 

Susan McAnany of McAnany featured my black and white chevron oven mitt in her black and white treasury, Friday's Trends .  Although Susan has some stunning black and white photo art in her shop, I chose to feature this abstract triangles piece - a wonderful way to add a pop of color to a modern space.

Svetlana Fediy of FediyS included my gray and yellow uptown oven mitt in her treasury, History 151 .  Svetlana's shop specializes in beautiful handmade handbags with colorful floral motifs.  I chose this subtle floral suede evening handbag . Isn't it beautiful!

Luna of LunaShawls included my Nature accent pillow in her treasury, "with love" No483 .  This beautiful purple shawl is one of MANY you will find at LunaShawls.

Spillija included one of my oven mitts in her treasury, With All One's Heart -- a lovely mix of whites and neutrals.  Spillija's shop includes dozens of beautiful hand crocheted items and some crochet patterns as well.  Wouldn't these pink barefoot sandals be fun to wear at the beach? 

Georgia of gmaloudesigns also featured one of my oven mitts in her treasury, Three Hearts .  This magenta wristlet bag would be great for a night on the town. 

Nancy C. Eckert of mysticneedle included my rainbow chevron oven mitt in her treasury, Summertime .  These hand crocheted facial scrubs are pretty and practical. 

Liz of TheLittleEmptyNest included my azalea oven mitt in her treasury, Flamboyant .  I had to laugh, because no one would use the adjective "flamboyant" to describe me!  But I guess the bright colors in the azalea mitts are a bit flamboyant. Liz's shop is a mix of lovely handmade jewelry and 1/12 scale dollhouse bedding.  Today, I chose to feature this pretty purple kumihimo bracelet

Susan McAnany of McAnany included my spit happens baby bib in her treasury, Seaside Sensations .  This Quietly Setting art photo is one of my many favorites from Susan's shop.  My hubby was peering over my shoulder when I selected it, and even he commented, "That's gorgeous!"

Suzanne and Melissa of ModaBellaScarves included my plaid foldover clutch in their WONDERFUL red white and blue-themed treasury, Three Cheers.  If that treasury doesn't get you in the mood for a 4th of July celebration, nothing will!  Scarves are such a versatile accessory, and you'll find a great selection at ModaBellaScarves.  This pretty pastel striped infinity scarf caught my eye. 

Mike Kraus of MikeKrausArt included my red white and blue chevron oven mitt in his treasury, Great Gifts!  I had to smile when I saw this whimsical  This Little Piggy artist's trading card.  Perhaps if it hung on my frig, it would keep me from snacking?

Nancy of SugarFunOrnaments in Wilton, NH included my polka dot key fobs in her treasury, Fun in the Sun with TEMPT Team and Friends .  Nancy makes sugary ornaments.  Check out her "Materials" description: 

•Materials: ribbon, love, hope, patience, childlike excitement, glue, food color, glitter, etc, royal icing, passion for detail
She has some wonderful Independence Day decorations in her shop -- like these colorful stars! 

Kim Roluti of KimRolutiArt included my folk art baby bib in her treasury, Summer Garden .  I love this colorful Woman and Fish painting -- one of her Whimsical Women II series!

Spillija included my plaid foldover clutch in her treasury, For You!  Spillija is a talented crochet artist.  You saw some of her pretty barefoot sandals earlier.  Here are some adorable baby slippers for twins

And last, but not least, Susan Pitts of SusanDeanne included my retro-inspired holiday oven mitt (Christmas in July) in her treasury, I Love Red and Turquoise .  It is a favorite color combo of mine, too!  This crochet cotton bag would be perfect for a summer outing.

And there you have it!
I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Have a great week!





  1. My mom was pretty obsessed with those ruffle scarves for a while! I don't even know how many of them she knitted up. My favorite pick this week is definitely that crochet headband - I love the colors!

  2. Congrats LeAnn! Amazing selection :)

  3. Aww, bummer about getting the flu! I hope you're on your feet again today.

    It will not surprise you to hear that the gray scarf is my favorite. :-)

  4. Congrats and many best wishes from Florida!!!

  5. Wow, look at all these great treasuries...congrats! Thanks for sharing my Dad beer mug :)
    I wish that darn sun would stay out...we had more rain yesterday and today...ugh!
    And I hope you're feeling better!

  6. WOW! What a lot of treasuries! You do a wonderful job of acknowledging each curator!