Monday, June 15, 2015

Will Work for Fabric

It's Shameless Commerce Tuesday, and instead of promoting new listings from my Etsy shops (I do have a FEW new listings, and I'm hoping to get more posted within a month), I decided to share one of the shop samples I made for The Craft House in Lincoln, NE -- a delightful little fabric and yarn shop!

My first project was a Have It All Wallet, made from a pattern designed by Liesl + Co..  It has pockets, pockets and MORE pockets!

The fabrics were from the Cookie Book collection by Kim Kight for  Cotton + Steel.  The woven selvage edge says, "Full cookie jar, happy home."

I chose a diamond print for two pocket linings -- a fun little surprise -- and a beautiful navy fabric with just a hint of mint for the card pockets and zipper pocket.

It was a bit of a challenge edge stitching through so many layers, but overall, I am happy with the result.

The shop owner, Allie, provides the fabric.  The sample stays in the shop for a few months, and then it's mine.  A win-win proposition in my book.  And, hence the title of today's post: Will work for fabric!

I'm working on a MUCH larger shop sample project now, but it is still a WIP (work in progress).



  1. Congrats again! That is such a great collaboration! I LOVE the wallet with the multiple pockets :)

  2. What a fun collaboration! I hope you get to make all kinds of fun samples for them. Can't wait to see the large one you're working on!

  3. I have never tried to make one of these type of wallets. It does look a bit complicated. Looks like you did an awesome job! Cute fabrics!

  4. Very cool! Great design and what a neat exchange of making a display product for some fabric. =)

  5. These are great LeAnn - and such a good idea :) Your stitching is always so perfect (not all wonky like mine ;) )


  6. I have this same pattern, but haven't made it up yet. Your great-looking wallet makes me want to get started!