Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Art in Unexpected Places

On a walk to the Metro from my son's neighborhood west of Crystal City in Arlington, VA, I encountered an incredible mosaic mural under the Route 1 Overpass at 18th Street near the Crystal City Metro station. The 18th Street underpass is utilized daily by 30,000-plus Metro riders, cyclists, and vehicles.


I later learned that the Crystal City Business Improvement District (BID), with support from Arlington County Cultural Affairs Division, commissioned mosaic artist Valerie Theberge to design and install the mosaic mural, which includes both tiles and tiny mirrors, along the 160-foot by 20-foot concrete underpass wall.  The mural displays eleven large-scale mosaic pieces. 


To view some of Valerie Theberge's other designs, visit her website at:   


The paintings shown in the photos above are on the opposite wall of the underpass. They were designed by artist Anne Marchand.  See more of her work here:



LeAnn aka pasqueflower




  1. Beautiful mosaics! I wish my town would get artists to spruce things up a bit!

  2. What a nice surprise to find! I wish we had some of that around here. Years ago when I worked in downtown Hobart there was a building that was painted on the back and I wish I would have gotten a picture of it. It was so pretty!

  3. Very cool! With a name like Pasque Flower I should have known you were from SD!

  4. This is amazing. I have done some mosaics, so I know what kind of time went into this. Beautiful!!

  5. What beautiful mosaics! I love seeing art in unexpected places. It always look like someone cared enough to add beauty to a not so pretty place.