Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's Never Too Late

My cousin Deb recently had a milestone birthday.  Deb works at the Texas A&M Library where she carries on the family tradition of librarianship. (Our grandmother and great-grandmother were librarians, and we descend from a long line of bibliophiles.)  But Deb does not fit the Marian the Librarian stereotype.  She's a veteran, an artist, a Chicago Bears fan (Da Bears!), and she LOVES motorcycles!

Deb once had a motorcycle, but she had to sell it to pay major medical bills.  She started a Motorcycle Fund to replace her bike, and it looked like a new bike might be almost within reach, when another surgery zeroed out her Motorcycle Fund --- again!  I knew Deb was on the mend when I logged onto Facebook and saw her new avatar -- a VERY old woman riding a motorcycle with the caption, It's Never Too Late! 

I've had a motorcycle fat quarter in my fabric stash, and when I saw Deb's new avatar, I knew what I needed to do.  I used Keyka Lou's Curvy Clutch pattern, and created a clutch, fully lined with a pocket, where she can stash her cash as she begins to replenish her Motorcycle Fund.  I finished it late last night, and I will mail it off today.

I admire Deb's indomitable spirit, and her tenacity in staying true to her goal to have a motorcycle despite multiple obstacles.
When I am faced with challenges and setbacks, I will try to envision Deb's avatar.  I'll pick myself up, dust myself off, and remind myself, "It's never too late!"

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FYI:  Keyka Lou has lots of cute patterns, and her instructions are excellent.  You can find them at or on the web at  

LeAnn aka pasqueflower


  1. I love the story about Deb. Sounds like a fun person to be around and that avatar is so cute and perfect.

    Once I hit 50 (this year) I changed the way I see "old." Sitting in a nursing home is old. Being 85 and enjoying life is just simply, enjoying life!

    The little bags are cute. I think Deb would like one of them.

  2. Love it. My mom got her orthopedic surgeon to take her on a spin on his motorcycle when she turned 80. She loved it.

  3. Great post...everyone needs a goal, a reason to get up in the morning!

  4. LOL...Love that sign!
    How sweet of you to make Deb a special clutch :) I sure hope she gets that bike!!!

  5. I really enjoyed hearing about Deb and her motorcycle. . . it's inspiring because I want to own a motorcycle one day, but first I must learn to ride. Thanks for sharing!