Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Let Your Sparkle Out!

I am one of over 300 members of the Lincoln Quilters Guild.  Our guild hosts a BIG quilt show every two years, and 2012 is an "on" year.  The 2012 quilt show theme is "Let Your Sparkle Out!"

That theme was inspired by cancer survivor, lawyer/quilter, and quilt show chair, Elizabeth Sterns.  Her daughter always used to say, "Sparkle gives you courage!" as she added a touch of sparkly lip gloss before heading off to take a final exam.  Together Elizabeth and her daughter discovered a wonderful children's book by Julie Andrews, The Very Fairy Princess.  (Yes, the  Julie Andrews of Mary Poppins and Sound of Music fame.) I ordered a copy for my  7-year-old granddaughter for Christmas, because I love the incredibly cute illustrations and it's positive message : Look for that special something in everyone that makes them "sparkle."   And, besides, Madeline is still in her "princess" phase.   Her Barbie will get some sparkly princess dresses one of these days.  I've been accumulating fancy schmancy remnants. It's on my endless TO DO list.  (Speaking of TO DO lists – I LOVE these note pads by finchandhawk on Etsy! )

The delightful back jacket illustration of The Very Fairy Princess tells girls, "You just have to let your SPARKLE out!"  Well, I think we big girls need to let our sparkle out, too!   (Not literally, although if you'd like to do that check out this INCREDIBLE necklace and wristband sparkly creation by 1964sem on Etsy:

So – today I challenge you to do something that makes you "sparkle."  And tell at least one other person what you see in them that makes them "sparkle," too! 

Book available at:  and or your local independent book store.


LeAnn aka pasqueflower


  1. LOVE it! I don't feel so sparkly today but I will work on it:) Your blog makes you sparkle... Just thought Id let you know! Now I need to find a copy of that book for my little one!!

  2. What a wonderful post, thank you for this.

  3. What an uplifting post and a great idea! We can use all the positive energy we can get and give all that we can.