Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Easing Into Fall

It's Shameless Commerce Tuesday and today I am featuring another 16" x 16" envelope back pillow cover.
Although I usually use 100% cotton fabrics, this beautiful synthetic blend with shimmery autumn leaves on olive green vines was just too pretty to leave in the store.  It has a silky hand, and the heavily embroidered leaves add texture.  Here is a link to the listing: https://www.etsy.com/listing/108869821/autumn-foliage-accent-pillow-cover-16-x?ref=pr_shop.  I only have two in stock - TOAK (two of a kind).

I'm having a hard time transitioning into Fall.  My left brain knows the grandkids are back in school and the Huskers are playing football -- and the days are getting shorter.  But it is still hot and sunny, and the leaves here have not put on their Fall colors.  I'm not quite ready to let go of Summer.

Although Spring is my favorite season, I do love the colors of Fall.  I was lucky to visit my son and his family in New Hampshire one year during foliage season.  The colors were breathtakingly beautiful.  Traffic on the Interstate was at a near standstill as tourists stopped to gawk and take photos of the beautiful trees.

How about you?  Are you "into" Fall yet?

LeAnn aka pasqueflower


  1. I'm not ready to let summer go either! I do love the beautiful colors of fall, but I love the long days of summer :)
    Your pillow cover is beautiful and I love that is shimmers!

  2. Beautiful pillow cover! I think that fall is arriving much too fast! I'm not quite ready for it either...

  3. We really don't have actual fall until Halloween and sometimes not even then!! So it's strange to see fall colors in the stores when it still feels like summer!! Pretty pillow -- love the leaves!

  4. Beautiful pillow! We are just starting to get some cooler(not as hot) days. And a little cooler at night, too. Some leaves are changing. I love fall but dread winter!

  5. Lovely pillow - the colors definitely suggest fall!

    I hear you on the change of seasons. I do like fall, but not the shorter days or the fact that winter follows. The best part of it, for me, is that it means travel to the southern Utah deserts...which are way too hot to visit in the summer.

  6. It's just so hot and humid here lately that I'm not into Fall. But I enjoy Fall and would like to knit up a few things to wear for Fall. Maybe it's time to prepare for Fall and then the weather will cool off?

    Cool pillow! Sometimes picking a different type of material is a good thing.

  7. I totally agree. I cannot seem to get my shop up to speed with fall stuff. It is still 90 degrees here and I just don't feel like busting out the sweaters quite yet!

  8. That's a gorgeous pillow and would look good in my living room!
    I'm a spring and summer girl but I am so ready for fall this year. It's just been way too hot. There's no fall in sight though!

  9. Gorgeous pillow! I love the leaves. It is hard to make the transition out of summer, but I'm getting there. The beautiful weather helps.

  10. What beautiful fabric! That would look so pretty in my dining room!

  11. Very pretty pillow cover! I was sitting outside this evening and just "enjoying"!

  12. I have been looking forward to Fall for weeks. After the long blazing hot and dry summer, the cool breezes are a welcome treat. Your pillows are lovely, the fabric is so pretty.
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