Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gearing Up for Fall Craft Fairs

I know it is Spring somewhere -- even though it is still snowing and blowing in Nebraska.  But Fall will be here before we know it, and this year I have vowed to be ready with MORE inventory for fall craft fairs and the Etsy holiday rush. I have some new product lines I hope to develop.  And I am "gearing up" with some new display pieces.

My child-sized coat rack was damaged beyond repair during my rainy and windy outdoor craft fair "learning experience" last summer.  (Never again!!)  But I found an even better kids' coat rack at SwirledPatina on Etsy.  I chose the purple one, of course, with pretty pink and aqua base pieces.  Although some assembly was required, my dear hubby rose to the challenge, with only a little grumbling:

I also found this versatile craft show display ladder at Wudls Woodshop on Etsy.  I love that it is collapsible AND it has lots and lots of hooks.  It is 4 feet high and 21" wide when fully extended.  Wudls has many, many display rack / tray options for displaying all types of crafts.  High quality. Reasonable prices.  Custom orders are welcome.  (For example, I could have substituted pegs for the hooks -- or specified a spacing preference.)

I am very happy with these new purchases which will show up on my 2013 depreciation schedule when I file my Schedule C next year.  (I can't help it -- I still look at the world through my Tax Lady glasses, even though tax season is over.)

I completed my early application for the Silver Hawk Fine Arts & Crafts Fair, a juried show.  I was only allowed 3 photos, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.  I have never applied to a juried show before.  In the Comments section of the application, I provided a link to my Etsy shop.  If accepted into that show, I will revise my product line somewhat to accommodate a younger crowd with some teen-friendly items.  That show is an annual fundraiser for the Southwest High School theater department.  It has a solid regional reputation and it hosts 70 vendors in a very nice facility.  An added bonus--the high school theater students are on hand as helpers.

I also received an invitation to the Faith Lutheran Craft Fair in late October.  This will be my fourth year vending at that show.   I'm hoping to be invited back to the Crestwood Craft Fair (early December) as well. That was my best craft fair EVER.

Every time I send in the craft fair booth fees, I can't help but think how many 20-cent Etsy listings/renewals I could buy with that money!!  Weather is always a gamble after mid-October in the Midwest, and the Huskers football schedule can also wreak havoc with Lincoln craft fairs.  But the late Fall timing is good (before Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays).  My seasonal items have done well, as have have my stocking stuffers and gift items.  And I get to hand out lots of business cards with my Etsy link.

I've already created a tentative products / pricing list for the Fall shows.  Now I just need to keep sewing new inventory while keeping up with Etsy orders AND sewing Erin's graduation quilt! Yikes!  Graduation is NEXT MONTH!  How did that happen??!  I REALLY miss my "good" sewing machine :-(.

Do you participate in craft fairs?

LeAnn aka pasqueflower


  1. The ladder is great looking! I'm still having trouble with my vertical displays.

  2. I tend to wait til the last minute to do anything, so I admire anyone who gets things done ahead of time! I wanted to do craft shows many years ago but could never find the time. Now I don't have the energy!

  3. Your new displays look great and going vertical is always great for a booth.
    Good luck with all your upcoming shows. Those darn Husker games can be a killer!

  4. Wishing you a sell-out show!

    You've been so very busy!How do you manage all that at once?

  5. You sound quite prepared.

    I used to.

    Small and huge.

    The hardest part was always the display.

    I won a few display booth awards at wholesale shows but I don't think I'd have the energy to even attempt anything like that now!

  6. Hahaha about the depreciation schedule! I always think of that too but most of my things are just expensed since they are under $250. Glad you're getting prepared for craft shows and taxes already! :)

  7. Hey - it always pays to keep your tax eyes open! Hope you have a very successful show season!