Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday Slim-Down Report

It is Day 33 of my 90-day Nature's Sunshine Summer Slim-Down Challenge.  I lost 2.0 pounds since last week for a total loss to date of 16.4 pounds.  So I've lost my first bowling ball.

Although my weight loss was less this week than in prior weeks, overall I have averaged a loss of almost 1/2 pound per day.  I walked less this week, and I went off the Reboot with Joe juice fast after 10 days. I felt I needed some protein and fiber.

I am hoping to walk more this week, and to alternate juice days with high protein days. I also plan to allow myself at least one day per week for "real" food, at least until the final push in October.  It's a beautiful day in Nebraska today.  I am anxious to finish some Etsy orders, and then get out on the trail to enjoy the cooler temps and sunshine.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Congratulations! That's great! It makes sense to make it more of a lifestyle and something you can do long term rather than juice every day since who lives like that? Sounds like you are figuring out what's best for you and will have much success!

  2. Congrats on your continued success! I can understand not being able to keep up the juice fast. I could never do it. But alternating days sounds like a great plan.

  3. Yahoooooo! That's awesome. I can't believe you stuck with the juice for 10 days. That's incredible! No way I could have had nothing but juice for nearly 2 weeks.

    1. My cousin made it 18 days--and I guess several people do 30-day juice fasts. Not for me.
      Thanks for the encouragement!