Monday, April 28, 2014

BBA May 2014 Challenge - Graduation

Each month, the Blogging Business Artisans Team hosts a team challenge.  This month, Paige of Oh, Nostalgia offered this GRADUATION challenge:

This is the time of year for graduations and starting a new professional track. Create something related to working and/or graduating--whether it's a congratulations card, a new organizational item for your studio, or maybe just reflect on all the ways you want to kick your business into high gear for the second half of 2014. Resolutions don't just have to start in January!

Graduation comes early at the University of Nebraska – May 10!  The law students are in finals week right now.

Speaking of law school finals -- my son Tim, who just turned 38 on Saturday, Aoril 26, was born on the first day of finals week my second year of law school.  He was due on Mother's Day, but he had other plans!! This photo was taken a year later, shortly after I graduated and moved to Pierre -- the centrally isolated capital of South Dakota --to begin working at my first "real" job.  I graduated from starving student status to highly-educated-but-still-feeling-broke-young-professional status.

But I digress....

So - - - I decided to hop right on this month's BBA Team challenge to share an inexpensive graduation gift idea.

Now, in an unscientific poll of myself, my kids and their classmates, teenage grandkids, and Jerry’s nephews who have graduated, I’ve concluded that what graduates REALLY, REALLY want is cold, hard cash –and we’re not talking ones and fives!

But sometimes I’d like to give something a bit more personal – a little keepsake or reminder of the special day and the good wishes I’m sending along with that cash.  The grandkids will eventually get graduation quilts --- but for others whose graduation announcements arrive in my mailbox, I’d like to give just a little gift.

And SO---I decided that handmade key fobs would fit that bill.  I had quite a few left over from my last craft fair--and I got a whole box full of new webbing, clasps, and ribbon this week to make some new designs!!

AFTER the craft fair (why didn't I think if this before??) I added over-sized key-shaped tags saying:

2014 Congratulations Grad
The key to your future is now in your hands.

You could also attach an envelope with some money or a gift card to the key ring. 

I made some in school colors – purple and gold -- and green, black and white;

and some masculine ones using Parson Gray designer ribbon;

and some feminine ones using Jane Sassaman designer ribbon;

and some for horse lovers (not new, but suitable for grads, too)!

What graduate is not going to have some new keys to keep track of?  Maybe a car--or more likely a bike lock-- or a locker at a new job, or a dorm room or apartment key.  So it’s a useful little keepsake – and under $10.  

The key fobs shown above are all listed in the Key Fobs and Accessories section of my Etsy shop, Pasque Flower Creations.  And more key fobs will be added over the next few days, so stay tuned.

I'm adding some golfing ones for Father's Day -- perfect for old duffers who tend to lose their keys.  (Ask me how I know this --- uh -- from personal experience!)   And some patriotic ones for the 4th of July.  And, if I end up with extras, I guess I'll have "stocking stuffers" for the holiday season!



  1. So clever! Love the saying and I love the idea of the key fob. It's something they will always have, and they are so pretty too!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Linda! I'm getting lots of Views but not Sales -- sort of like "nibbles" when fishing. We'll see how they go at the craft fair the end of May.

  3. I like them! They'd be great for any kind of gift by just changing the sentiment, though I really like the "keys to the future" one!
    Great challenge project!

  4. These are such a great gift idea! I love the added touch of the key :)