Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Mother's Day --- To Me!

I rarely go shopping anymore.  But when Schweser’s  (neighborhood clothing store) advertised a 134th Anniversary 75% Off Sale – who could resist?  And hubby decided to give me an early Mother’s Day/Birthday  present -- $100 cold cash to buy some new duds.   That pretty much sealed the deal.
I could definitely use some summery business casual clothes—not to mention some cool and comfortable duds for an upcoming cousins’ reunion (June 27-29) in South Dakota, and my trip to DC/NH in mid-August.  It’s bound to be HOT in DC that time of year!!

So—Sunday after church I decided to see what I could find.  I ended up with 7 versatile pieces for under $90.  SCORE!!  I still have change in my pocket that I think will go toward a pair of comfortable summer flats in a light, neutral color.

Excuse the poor photo.  I’m taking my long-awaited photography class on Wednesday night.  Bbut here’s what I found (left to right):

The cute pinkish coral top with white trim will be great with white capris or my new white slacks.   I can’t wear it to work, but it will perfect to pack for my trip to DC/NH.

Dark purple 3/4 – sleeve top.  I just love purple, and ¾ is my FAVORITE sleeve length – a very forgiving length for my old arms.  I can pair it with black and a statement necklace for work or with my new white pants and white accessories --or maybe a floral scarf -- for summer.  The back hem is longer than the front to help camouflage my pear-shaped hips – at least from behind.

The funky print top may not look like “Me”, but I need something to wear on casual Fridays – and this will pair nicely with my khaki and olive green crop pants.  AND the ¾ sleeves cinched that deal—80% off.

My FAVORITE purchase is the aqua and white twin sweater set.  The sleeveless top with matching ¾ sleeve sweater will be perfect for work and travel. 

Creamy white pants:  I have a feeling these will be my “go-to” pants for work this Summer.  AND, they’ll be great for the reunion and for my trip. 

The colorful sundress was a bit of a splurge.  My hubby says it reminds him of 60s tie dye --- so maybe my Inner Flower Child was attracted to this one for that reason.  It’s brighter than anything in my wardrobe, but I loved the colors and the funky hemline ---and it will be cool and comfy for my trip to DC.

Do you have any trips planned for the Summer?  Any tips for traveling light, wardrobe-wise?




  1. Definitely can see your inner flower child blossoming in that dress! A sale of 75% off would certainly be hard to pass up!

  2. Beautiful new duds for a steal!! Luck you! You're right about DC in August. It's very hot and humid.

    1. Thanks, Annette! Yes--I've experienced August in DC (Congress heads home so my son who works at the Congressional Budget Office can usually use some of his vacation time then.)

  3. Score indeed! My favorite is the dress. I really love to wear big, loose comfy dresses in the summer. When summer is over I'm going to hit the clearance racks and pick me up a few. Why wait for summer to end? Because I'm losing weight and hoping to be a couple sizes down, plus I'm planning a trip to Austin (visit Elyse) in the fall and I'll be able to wear it there. Congrats on your bargains!

    1. I'm sure you'll find bargains by late summer. Good luck with dropping 2 sizes. I'd really like to do that, too. Today, May Day, is when I'm hopping back on the weight loss wagon, hoping for another round of sensible eating and walking to shed a few more pounds.