Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fiber Works - Part 2

Earlier this week, I posted a virtual tour of the Fiber Works exhibit, Color Flow.  Fiber Works is a group of fiber artists from eastern Nebraska. Their current exhibit is on display until November 1, 2014, at the Seward Civic Center Langworthy Gallery located at 616 Bradford Street in Seward, NE. 
Today's virtual tour will focus on the second installation, elinor peace bailey Characters.

Artistic and eccentric doll maker, quilter, and fiber artist extraordinaire, elinor peace bailey is both mentor and muse to her fiercely loyal followers.  Although she lives in Vancouver, Washington, she is an honorary member of Fiber Works.

Here is the elinor's quilt -- the centerpiece of the Characters exhibit:

And here is a close-up showing some of the detailed embellishments:

Prior to the show, elinor sent fabric swatches to each of the 12 members of Fiber Works, which included her rendering of a Character.  Each artist was challenged to create an art quilt incorporating that Character.

Merilee Hansen created this piece entitled No Matter. I Shall Dance.

She describes her piece in this artist's statement:

Marilyn Rembolt's art piece is Lifting the Weight of the World.

Here is her artist's statement:

Peg Pennell's piece is Key to Happiness.

She describes her work here:

One of my favorites is Roxann O'Hare's Lady Medallion.

Roxann told me that while she was creating this piece, the Beatles song, Lady Madonna, kept running through her head -- hence the name. 

Here is a close-up showing couched fiber embellishment and sashiko-style hand quilting:

And here is Roxann's artist's statement:

Jerry's favorite was Me and My Typewriter.

Actual vintage typewriter keys were used to embellish this art quilt!

I hope you have enjoyed this virtual tour!



  1. How neat to see her work in the others' quilts! I love the typewriter the actual keys!

    1. Yes--I'm curious about how they deconstructed the typewriter and (glued?) the keys onto the quilted background. Cool effect!

  2. Elinor is an amazing artist! So talented! Also, I just realized she's Heather Bailey's MIL :) Love the typewriter!!!

  3. Fantastic display. I love the typewriter and Sashiko stitches.
    Thank you for sharing, LeAnn.
    Anne and all---PlumCreek22

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Annie! I'm glad you enjoyed the virtual tour of the quilt exhibit.

  4. I do enjoy the creativeness of this artist! And the color!

    1. elinor is definitely creative! The quilt artists added a lot of color with their hand-dyed fabrics and fibers and embellishments. All fun.

  5. Oh boy! I just love them all! The colors are fun and I really love the "No Matter" one. I think it sums up my feelings about a lot of things.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Sher! So glad you enjoyed the virtual tour.