Sunday, June 28, 2015

Treasury Thanks

Each Sunday, I say THANK YOU to curators of Etsy treasuries who have featured items from my shops, Pasque Flower Creations and Aunt Pheba's Vintage, in treasuries over the past week.  I am grateful that Etsy is a collaborative community of creative people.

If you see something you like, please Like, Share, or Pin.  We're all in this together.

Holly Bean of HollyoftheEarth included my yellow chevron oven mitt in her treasury, Whimsical Fun .  These maize goddess earrings celebrate corn  (Native Americans call it maize)-- a plant near and dear to most Nebraskans' hearts.

Vickie Wade of VickieWadeFineArt featured my red and black BBQ oven mitt in her treasury, Fun With Red and Black.  Always a striking color combo, red and black are also Husker colors.  This birthday boy art print reminds me of our grandsons.

Natalie of expressyourself featured my yellow and gray uptown oven mitt in her treasury, Sunny Sunday.  We are actually having a sunny Sunday today, so I'm hoping to visit the Farmer's Market after church.   I love these turquoise drop earrings from Natalie's shop.  Simply lovely.

Nancy C. Eckert of mysticneedle featured my brown and white chevron oven mitt in her treasury, Rustic .  The beautiful browns remind us that the days are getting shorter, and Fall is on the way.  Gather ye rosebuds while ye may --- go outside and play!!  But don't forget your sunscreen, ID, some ice cream money ---- this cute owl change purse would be handy to take along.

Susan McAnany of McAnany featured my red and white chevron oven mitt in her treasury, Red Finds .  I love this vintage truck photo, Out to Pasture.  It reminds me of one my brother and I used to play in when we were kids. We'd take turns "driving" to Disneyland in our imaginary adventures.  I never have been to Disneyland, but it is on my Bucket List.

Pat Peters of WhiskeysWhims included my elephant baby bib in the treasury IN DAYS OF YORE...Gratitude Treasury.    There's a big sale in Pat's shop. This Thomas Kincaid collector's plate is only $0.25.


Kim Cole of BeachDaisyJewelry included my poppies on teal oven mitts in her turquoise and orange-themed treasury, Summer Heat .  If you like to beat the summer heat by heading to the beach, this shell necklace would be a fun accessory.

Joanna's Scented Soaps included my green and white chevron oven mitt in her treasury, La Vie en Vert - 1.  This artfully designed scented soap would be a lovely gift -- or a pretty little touch in a guest bathroom.

M.A. Dellinger of MADellingerGarving included my patriotic bunting in his treasury, Patriotic Colors .  I love his old hippie wood carving!   As a Baby Boomer, I know several old hippies.

Susan McAnany of McAnany included my red and pink hearts bib in her treasury, Follow Your Heart .   Some of us old hippies remember the strong bass lines in some of our classic rock favorites, so I couldn't resist adding this bass guitar photograph  to my features list today.

Kim Roluti of KimRolutiArt included my colorful birds oven mitt in her treasury, Birds of a Feather .  This wonderful painting, Songs on the Wind, is from Kim's Whimsical Women II series.  Love them all!

This one reminds me of my friend Rita, in younger, happier days.  Rita recently lost a valiant fight against breast cancer.   Rest in peace, lovely Rita.

Marcia of ImagineThatBaby included my poppies on teal oven mitts in her treasury, Personal Favorites .  One of my personal favorites from Marcia's shop is this cute beach baby diaper cake.
If you're ever invited to a baby shower, I'd encourage you to browse in Marcia's shop -- cuteness overload!

Crystal Cuff of Sensational Yarn included my red and black BBQ oven mitt in her treasury, What's Black and White and Red All Over .  These handmade dishcloths are so much nicer than the flimsy store-bought variety!!  They are hand knit with cotton yarn - durable and absorbent.  Pretty, too!

el boem of zuzuJewelry (Greece) included my yellow chevron oven mitt in her treasury, Weekend Finds .  I love this vintage stone bracelet!   The stones include citrine, garnet, amethyst, peridot and smoky quartz.

Susan McAnany of McAnany featured my utensils on bright blue oven mitt in her treasury, Ocean Blue .  I love everything in Susan's shop, but I am especially drawn to her abstract photo seascapes.  This one is called Gulf Waters .

Crystal Cuff of Sensational Yarn included my patriotic bunting in her thank you treasury.  These colorful baby socks are SO CUTE!!!

Darla of UniqueSilverBox included my dark blue prairie pioneer sunbonnet in her treasury, Saturday Favorites .  This London blue topaz art deco ring is one of the unique jewelry items you will find in Darla's shop -- at very affordable prices.

And last, but not least, Vickie Wade of VickieWadeFineArt featured my BBQ oven mitts in another red and black-themed treasury, Unique Finds .  As we celebrate Summer while we may -- here's a wonderful beach boy and girl art print.

Get out in the sun and have some fun!


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