Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Help Me Name This Quilt

Last night I finished stitching the binding on this oversized lap quilt.  I am embarrassed to say that I started it about six years ago in a class taught by master quilter, Roxann O'Hare.  She and her husband Rich own one of my favorite local quilt shops, The Cosmic Cow.  (Their branch store is known as The Udder Store.)


This quilt top had languished in my UFO (unfinished objects) pile for lo these many years.  But I made a New Year's Resolution to finish more of my quilts in progress.  With the expert help of machine quilter Kris Viera (one of her quilts won Viewer's Choice at the recent Machine Quilters Association meeting), and a few hours making bias binding and stitching it in place, I now have a finished quilt---except for the label.  I plan to give it to my son and daughter-in-law, so I will make a special label for them.  Kris's website is: 


But before I can make the label, this quilt needs a name.  Any suggestions?


LeAnn aka pasqueflower


  1. Cozy autumn. Sorry it sounds so generic but it's what came up to me when I saw your lovely work :)

    Good luck with your name search.

    ps. I found you via Etsy blog team :)

  2. For some reason "Autumn Meadow" is the first thing that comes to my mind.

  3. I'm horrible at coming up with names, but just wanted to say that this is really beautiful!