Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Miniature Rail Fence Quilt

A few months ago (maybe several), I accepted a Facebook challenge from my artsy cousin Deb the librarian.  I agreed to make something handmade for the first five people who responded to my handmade pay it forward post.  I resolved to get all five projects finished before tax season.  Whew!  I just made it!


One of those first responders to the Facebook challenge was my old high school buddy, Pati O'Brien Richardson, who still lives in my home town of Madison, South Dakota.  She works in the public library where my maternal grandmother, Genevieve Quist, served as librarian for many years.   As farm kids, my brother and I looked forward to our weekly trips to town to visit the library.  We were allowed to pick out four books each.  We often played library at home, using books from our pine bookcase and slips of note paper. (This was long before bar coding!)


This 12" x 12" miniature quilt was made using a traditional rail fence pattern.  It was one of two class projects in a Marvelous Miniatures class I took at the International Quilt Study & Museum, taught by the multi-talented Dr. Barbara Caron.  I chose fabrics from the Luna Notte collection by Moda.  I had to include a little green for Pati's Irish heritage.  The quilting is minimalist—stitch in the ditch.  I used a very thin batting and single fold binding.   I snapped this photo before sending it to South Dakota.



LeAnn aka pasqueflower


  1. Love the fabrics and pattern you used on the mini quilt!

  2. Usually creativity and a time crunch do not mix well, but it came together beautifully on this quilt. Bravo from a fellow Etsy Blog Team member!

  3. Beautiful fabrics and pattern! Great job!

  4. Great quilt -- love the pattern!

    Lynette - Sweet Posy Dreams
    Etsy Blog Team

  5. The quilt is wonderful. I also loved to go to the library when I was a kid. They would have children's hour with story time or occasionally a movie. And I think I remember playing library too! With a date stamp that came from my grandfather's house and 3x5 cards. :)

  6. Ok I am so jealous of your mad quilting skills. My mom is making Luci a quilt out of some of her old baby blankets and we are pretty funny trying to figure it out!

  7. Love the quilt, lovely pattern! I love reading in the library when I was junior high..

  8. What a fun challenge! I bet Pati loved it!
    I miss the old card catalogs! I still love writing notes on library cards :)

  9. It's lovely! I love the pattern!!

    Happy New Year, LeAnn