Monday, May 14, 2012

More Chevrons - New and Improved!

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!  I know I did.  Queen for a day, now back to reality.

It’s shameless commerce Tuesday, and I’m still in my chevron phase.  Today I’m featuring my two most recent listing for single oven mitts made with Riley Blake’s Chevron fabrics – one in navy blue and white, and the other in a luscious summery aqua and white.

These latest chevron oven mitt listings are also the first of my NEW and IMPROVED line of oven mitts!  Although I’ve had overwhelmingly positive feedback from purchasers of my “old” oven mitts, I received two hints from customers that they felt some heat through the mitts.  Insul-Bright heat resistant batting is heat resistant, not heat proof, so I set out to try to come up with a better batting combination.

My first mitts used Insul-Bright heat resistant batting with flannel.  Fully functional, but perhaps a bit thin. 

Then I tried Insul-Bright heat resistant batting with needled Warm and Natural cotton batting.  Thicker, and I’m totally satisfied with it for normal cooking and baking use.  But it’s not quite thick enough for folks who want to cook with an acetylene torch.  (Only kidding about the torch.)  But do you know anyone who only cooks on HIGH and who sets off smoke detectors?  Well, actually, that would be me. My kids gave me a hard time about the smoke detector thing. 

Next I tried two layers of Insul-Bright with a layer of needled Warm and Natural cotton batting.  Definitely thick enough, but a bit too thick, methinks.   I broke two sewing machine needles and muttered some words unbecoming a grandma before finishing these extra thick barbecue mitts:

Then, EUREKA!  I tried a layer of Insul-Bright plus a layer of needled cotton batting plus a layer of cotton flannel.  Voila!  Not too thin.  Not too thick.  No broken needles.  I think I may have finally found just the right mix for my layers of oven mitt batting….at least for now. 

When making the chevron mitts, I track the chevron design with my machine quilting using my trusty walking foot.  And I am SO grateful for the Needle-Down button on my Janome QE sewing machine: 

There are lots and lots of pivots in the quilting design, as you can see:

Thanks for stopping by!  To see other boutique oven mitts, visit the Kitschy Kitchen Stuff section of my Etsy shop at, or simply view the scrolling widget in the upper left hand corner of this blog.


LeAnn aka pasqueflower


  1. R&D and C&E (that would be "research and development" and "construction and engineering") for oven mitts - love it!

    They are impeccably designed to form and function, definitely.

  2. I'm in that phase too. Love these!

  3. These look very handy in the kitchen!

  4. I loved reading how you came up with your design for the new improved mitts. The chevron mitts are awesome!

  5. That sounds like a great new combination of materials. I'd need the ones for the torch setting :) I like to cook as fast as I everything is done on high...LOL :)