Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Quilt Goddess and Other Fab Art Quilts

Much of my weekend was spent at the Lincoln Quilters Guild quilt show, May 18-20, 2012. The show was chaired by the witty and uber-talented Elizabeth Sterns, an architect turned attorney who also quilts and volunteers.  The theme of the show is “Let Your Sparkle Out.”   It was inspired by a children’s book co-authored by Julie Andrews, entitled The Very Fairy Princess.

With over 450 quilts on display, it was difficult to choose just a few to share with you, but here goes.

The top photo is Quilt Goddess by Mary Sedlak.  This whimsical quilt was a Challenge Quilt – a special category for small quilts that are not square or rectangular, and which interpret the sparkly theme.

And my jaw literally dropped when I encountered the next fabulous quilt, Four Flowers in the Rain by Chris Taylor.  The large-scale mural print (I’m guessing approximately 3 feet by 7 feet) could hang vertically or horizontally.  It is a whole cloth quilt, painted, machine quilted and embellished with incredible hand beading.  It was difficult to photograph the entire quilt:

This close up will shows the beading and expert machine quilting:

Here is a smaller yet beautiful art quilt, Iris After the Rain by Lois Wilson.  The quilt was inspired by a painting by Therese Guerin, Irises, and uses batik fabrics.

The bed-sized sunburst quilt in the foreground of this photo is actually a tribute quilt made of 32 neckties to honor the memory of Jim Kelley, who died in August of 2010.  This quilt, Memorial Tie Quilt, was designed and pieced by Beverly Thurber and machine quilted by Rich O’Hare (co-owner of The Cosmic Cow and The Udder Store):

The label includes a photo of Jim and labels from some of the many ties used in making the quilt:

This wall hanging, Cobblestone Crows by Jo Ann Drueke, caught my fancy.  It features machine appliquéd crows on a batik background pecking at beads with button and ribbon embellishments.

And last, but not least, is Improv #2 by Sheila Green.  This thoroughly modern quilt was improvisation- pieced using Kona Cotton solids.  I love the color and visual impact.

Stay tuned.  Tomorrow I’ll treat you to some more eye candy -- traditional quilts from the show. 

LeAnn aka pasqueflower


  1. Just gorgeous, these quilts are amazing.


  2. Wow...what talent!
    Those first two are my favorites...I love the uniqueness of the first one and the bead work on the second one!

  3. Amazing and inspiring work! The show must have been fabulous! The last quilt reminds me of the Gee Bend quilts. So uninhibited.

  4. I have a Lois Wilson painting that I would like to sell.