Sunday, January 5, 2014

Getting Organized: Baby Steps

Although “get organized” was NOT on my list of 2014 goals or resolutions, I felt an urge to make my workspace more efficient and user-friendly.

So here is my first baby step toward getting organized – a shipping caddy! 

I stumbled across this heavy duty rubber basket at my neighborhood Ace Hardware -- $1.40 on Clearance.  It is just the right size to hold the tools, tags, and tape I need for shipping my Etsy orders!  And when I need to clear the shipping station (aka the south half of my kitchen table), it’s easily portable.

I began adding HANDMADE hang tags to the hanging loops of my oven mitts this holiday season.  (If you’ve got REAL handmade, flaunt it, right?)  I was inspired by these free downloadable labels featured by Kim Layton on Everything Etsy.   

Our granddaughter Erin helped me assemble several before she left for semester break, and I’m down to just a few thanks to better than expected holiday and post-holiday sales!  I print the tags on card stock, then trim with my dedicated “paper only” rotary cutter.  I punch holes through one of my MOO business cards and the Handmade tag, tie with gold pearl cotton, and voila!

 Have you taken steps to organize your work space in 2014?  Or do you have an organization tip to share?



  1. Hey, I'm doing some organizing today, too! It's not on my official list either, but since we're having this horrible weather in the Midwest, I figure I might as well accomplish a bunch of stuff around the house.

    1. Definitely a good day to stay in and stay warm!!

  2. I can't wait til my studio is done so I can start getting organized! My mom bought me a really cool table that will be used as my "shipping station" with cubbies for boxes, tape, mailers, etc. Your caddie is a great portable idea!

    1. What a great gift from your mom!! Anxious to see the studio come to life.

  3. I'm trying to get more organized. It's easier said than done. My main goal is to work on my time management. That is where I fail severely!

    I love, love, love the labels! You got me thinking that I need to start adding something to the things I make. I usually make a lot of gifts for family and friends, plus I donate a lot of my samples (from pattern designing) to a group that has fundraisers for animals. They raffle them off, sell them, whatever.

    You have just added that to my list of To Do's for today! But that's OK because I love that idea.

  4. I reorganized my entire studio over the last couple of weeks, and baby steps is the way to go. I will say it is a lot nicer now that things are in there place. I love your labels, having handmade labels is such a great idea!!
    Happy New Year,
    Everyday Inspired

  5. Thanks, Valerie! And congratulations on your studio reorganization!!