Saturday, January 4, 2014

Huge Sale at Tie Dye Diva

Jen Hagedorn of Tie Dye Diva is also a lawyer turned Etsian / entrepreneur.  Her Tie Dye Diva downloadable patterns are cute, cute, cute, and very sewist friendly.  Just had to share this great sale -- one week only.  A bundle of 11 patterns that will be retired are on sale for $15.00.  Yes -- for the whole bundle!  Yup.  A little over $1.00 each.  SUCH A DEAL!!

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  1. That is a good price! And I feel like there's got to be a good story behind "lawyer turned Etsy entrepreneur."

    1. In Jen's case, the 14-hour days, crazy commute, and workplace stress were leaving her no time with her kids. In my case, state budget cuts eliminated my position as an administrative law judge, and at my age, in the depths of the recession, I was not able to find "real lawyer" work.