Saturday, May 21, 2011

Girl Cave

Near the end of tax season (what was I thinking??), I decided to organize the fabrics I've acquired over the years, affectionately known to most quilters as "stash."   You see, I LOVE fabric in an obsessive sort of way, and I've accumulated many, many yards of it, along with hundreds of fat quarters (18" x 22" pieces of fabric sold in quilt shops) and a bazillion scraps.  I love the colors, the textures, the designs, the endless possibilities!!  And so I converted my 36-year-old stepson's long-abandoned tiny bedroom that we still called "Jon's room" (he's happily married with three smart, handsome and adorable boys)  into a creative and nurturing space.


But what shall I call this space, now that it is no longer Jon's room?  My husband refers to it as the "stash room."  But it's more than a fabric storage facility—much more!  I initially referred to it as simply the "sewing room."  But that didn't quite capture its essence, either;  in additional to fabrics, a sewing machine, serger, quilting tools, and notebooks and file cabinets bursting with ideas,  I have photos, mementos, and artwork I love.  I jokingly told my husband that when I'm feeling uppity, I'll refer to it as my "studio."  But that's a bit too pretentious.  I do not consider myself a fiber artist.  I am merely a fairly skilled craftswoman who, over several decades, has acquired some level of proficiency with needle, thread and fabrics, and an eye for color. 


Today I decided on a name for my space – it's my "Girl Cave."  We've all heard of man caves, right? Wikipedia defines a man cave as a male sanctuary, and goes on to state that a man cave  is not a cave but rather a metaphor describing a room inside the house where "guys can do as they please."


My little space is also a sanctuary---a word whose root denotes something sacred or spiritual.  When I am in that sunny little space, surrounded by a rainbow of fabric-filled shelves, treasured photos, trinkets and inspiring artwork, it truly nourishes my spirit.    When I am creating with fabric, I often find myself in "the zone"—completely absorbed in my task, losing all track of time.   As I enter my "girl cave," I give my inner child permission to come out and play. 


Flowers in Vase Watercolor by my friend and local artist, Glenda Dietrich Moore:



  1. I love that you have your own space to create and let your soul emerge. Wonderful! :)

  2. New follower! We all need a girl cave!

  3. I have that same feeling every time I use the word "studio," but really, that's what you have. It looks bright and inspiring!