Friday, May 20, 2011

Venturing into the Blogosphere

If a tree falls in the wilderness....
If a blogger writes, but nobody reads her musings, has communication occurred?
Today I venture, somewhat hesitantly, into the blogosphere, to capture my musings and to share them with what I hope will be, someday, a friendly community of like-minded, creative, and curious types, who will add to the conversation.  I worry a bit that I may become just another voice in something akin to a 21st Century virtual tower of babel.  Will I be able to connect with others on the same wavelength, or will my voice be drowned out by others in cyberspace? 
For now, I will set aside those fears as I venture bravely into cyberspace....
That's one small step for LeAnn. 

1 comment:

  1. Hello from another member of Etsy's Team Baby Boomers : D I spotted your comment that you had posted on your blog today and thought I would wander over to take a peek. I always like to read bloggers 'first post' to see why they started their blogs. I started two and then quit but I still get the itch to start another from time to time. Enjoying my visit : D