Monday, May 30, 2011


I love peonies, and in the past 24 hours our two bushes have BURST into bloom!  I love those big bodacious blasts of color.  I had to take photos this year, because with blustery winds and hail in the forecast, they may not last long.
They also remind me of my Grandma Larson, who was a strict observer of Memorial Day, taking hand-picked bouquets to all the cemeteries where a friend or relative was buried.  She loved peonies as much as I do. 
As I was looking in my Etsy inventory closet yesterday, I realized that I have two little girl dresses that feature fabrics with stylized peonies!  Here they are!
This weekend, I'll be working on more 100% cotton, fully lined patriotic children's sun hats with a 4th of July theme, and getting ready to launch a Little Boy Clothing section in my shop  Stop by and visit if you like!  I also do custom orders.
Enjoy what's left of your long weekend!
LeAnn aka pasqueflower

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  1. I love peonies too! They are such lovely flowers. Thank you for stopping by my blog!