Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Many Happy Returns

Tax season is over.  Whew!  I love my tax clients and tax office coworkers, and I actually enjoy the challenge of tax work (most days), but I am SO-O-O-o-o-o happy to have weekends again. 

At last count, I think I completed 274 tax returns this year,  not counting reviews , amendments, responses to IRS letters, and free over the phone advice and counseling.  

A skeletal crew will remain at our district office to handle stragglers, audits, the October 15 extension deadline filers, pre-season training, and year-round business services and bookkeeping.   But my branch office closes tomorrow, and I am off contract until next December. 

Until July 1, I’m a full-time Etsy entrepreneur … and Grandma.   And I’m lovin’ it!

Photo from NBC33 News.

LeAnn aka pasqueflower


  1. YAY for taxes being over:) I am still biting my fingers waiting to hear what we owe. haha scary!

  2. I know you are relieved to be done with tax season. My best friend is an accountant, and every year it's such a grind getting through to April 15 (or in this case, April 17). How nice that you have the time now to pursue your interests.

  3. Congrats on surviving another tax season! My friend works part-time at H&R. I rarely talk to her during tax season because she is so busy!