Friday, April 13, 2012

Red-White Spring Game

When I moved to Nebraska several years ago, a friend jokingly warned me that Husker-ism was the state religion.   He was not far from wrong.  Win or lose, fans wear red, pack Memorial Stadium, tune in by radio or TV, and support their University of Nebraska Huskers football team.  

I love football Saturdays.  Not because I’m a football fan.  No, dare I say it, I’m not really a Husker fan.  There is no traffic, and it is a wonderful time to shop---no lines!  Everyone is either at the game or home watching it on TV or listening on the radio.  There’s no escape from the game, though.  Every office and store has the play-by-play blaring over the sound system---even fabric shops are “tuned in” on game day. 

Today, April 14, 2012, at 1:00 p.m., the pre-football season will kick off with the Red-White Spring Game.  It’s a highly publicized intra-team scrimmage match, played to a capacity crowd, and rebroadcast on TV at 9:30 p.m.

So yesterday I finished a pair of red and white oven mitts, appropriate for tailgating – or Mother’s Day.   The chevron fabric and polka dot lining fabrics are from Ann Kelle’s Remix collection for Robert Kaufman.  My former 4-H leader, Adeline VanHove, would have been proud of my attempt to match the red and white lines at the seams.

Go Big Red (and White)!

Enjoy your weekend.  T minus 4 days until the end of tax season and counting.
LeAnn aka pasqueflower


  1. I know you will be thrilled when tax season is over. :)

  2. Nice oven mits! It's great that football mania has an upside.

  3. LOL...Yup, it's crazy, isn't it! When I do my fall shows in Nebraska, everyone is decked out in red and one of the other vendors always has the game going! I found it to be a good marketing opportunity though :)
    You're right that these would be perfect for tailgating!

  4. I agree. Those are perfect for tail gaiting!

  5. We lived in Nebraska in the 70's and it was that way even back then!
    I haven't jumped on the chevron bandwagon yet, but I like your mitts better than anything else I've seen!