Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shop Hop Redux - 2

On Tuesday, I made a short “hop” to Seward and Lincoln to complete my little jaunt through quilt shops as part of Nebraska’s 14th Annual Quilt Shop Hop.   It was another beautiful day for a day trip.

First stop:  Seward, NE, population about 6500.  It’s a pretty little town with a lot of civic pride and an old fashioned town square surrounding the Seward County Courthouse.  We began at The Udder Store, a new shop with an eclectic and colorful atmosphere – everything from Civil War reproduction fabrics to bright contemporary art fabrics and lots of embellishments.  The bargain fabrics are in an old wringer-style washing machine, where shoppers reach in and “fish” for bargains.   My little quilt group will take a field trip there in May.  I tell my grandsons quilt guilds are sort of like Girl Scouts for Grannies. 

Next stop: Café on the Square.  A delightful little restaurant where I enjoyed a scrumptious veggie quiche with a blueberry muffin and fresh fruit.  Yumm-o!

Final Stop:  The Cosmic Cow in the historic Havelock section of Lincoln.  This incredible quilt shop is co-owned by Rich O’Hare (talented machine quilter) and his artist/teacher/quilter wife, Roxann.  With thousands of bolts of high quality fabrics, beautifully arranged, it is just impossible to go into that store without buying something.   It’s totally off limits during Lent.

It’s a good thing I was under budget last Saturday, because I made up the gap and then some on Tuesday!  Some of my fabulous finds are pictured above.  My favorite is the colorful city print form the What A World line by Jill McDonald for P&B Textiles.  It reminds me of my daughter’s walk-up flat in the multi-ethnic Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.  I also bought some pretty little 1800s reproduction prints in anticipation of high demand for “Laura” sunbonnets again this Fall (not pictured).

LeAnn aka pasqueflower


  1. Oh FUN! Thanks for taking me along on the drive -- I love posts like this.

  2. Cafe on the Square sounds amazing! Love those little places.