Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The ABC's of Me

The talented Edi of Memories for Life Scrapbooks blog created an ABC's of Me post and challenged her followers to do the same and then share a link to our posts on her blog:

Edi has the cutest scrapbooks in her Etsy shop:

So---here is my ABC's of Me list:

A –Art lover

B-  Bibliophile

C- Curious

D- Danish-American

E- Episcopalian

F- Fabric  Fanatic

G- Grandma  (9 grandkids)

H- Home Ec Major (once upon a time)

I- Independent

J- Jurist (administrative law judge/lawyer)

K- Klutz

L- List Maker

M-Mom and Step-mom

N- Nebraskan


P- Prompt and Punctual

Q- Quilter

R- Rural Roots (SD farm kid)

S- Seamstress

T- Tax Advisor for H&R Block (seasonal)

V- Valedictorian (a LONG time ago)

W-Wordsmith Wannabe


Y- Young at heart

Z- Zoo Member


Want to play along?  I'd love to read the ABC's of You!


The photo above  is from sugarfresh on Etsy.  Visit her shop for more adorable wall art:



LeAnn aka pasqueflower



  1. What a fun list to read. Valedictorian - wow! This could be fun to do.

  2. Thanks so much for joining in on the fun! I, L, O and R are my favorites :)

  3. What a fun way to learn about our fellow bloggers. I'll try to come up with my list for tomorrow's blog. Our family loves the zoo too and we are definitely rural.

  4. I love the photo and also the idea of using the letters to tell everyone about yourself. Very unique!!