Monday, November 21, 2011

Oven Mitts for Holiday Baking or Gifting

It's shameless commerce Tuesday.   Oven mitts have become a "hot" item in my little Etsy shop lately.  The little piggy oven mitts sold last night, but I am ordering more of that cute, cute fabric designed by Maria Kalinowsky for the Timeless Treasures Green Acres collection.   I'll be posting several more fun oven mitt pairs in the next two weeks in several fabric options – from pretty to cute to retro-inspired to funky.


Here is a recent comment from a happy buyer, Megan, who bought a pair of Amy Butler floral mitts with red and pink polka dot lining.  You can visit Megan's adorable shop, Lilac Saloon, at  But I digress.  Here's what she said (in two separate Convos):


So, I really want to buy these (and am about to!) but I just had to send you a message first. I have this old nasy oven mitt (only one!) that was in a box of kitchen stuff from one of my parents. They gave it to me when I graduated from college, I think. I've been using it forever (5 years maybe?) without even thinking "this is gross and ugly (xmas fabric!!) and I should just buy a new one" until a couple of days ago. The inside feels all torn and gross and I just can't stick my hand in there any longer!!

I have an Etsy shop as well, and so always look on Etsy first when I want to buy something. I just spent 45 minutes looking through ALL the oven mitts on Etsy. I actually sorted them by Highest Price because I want really cute and quality ones (but don't want it to come with an apron, etc, like some of the pricey ones do!). I started to get down into the $20 range and got worried I wouldn't find anything! Then I found YOURS!!!! They are exactly what I had in my mind that I wanted. Normal shape, two mitts that match, a bit girly but not tacky. 

And you seriously ship them for free?! I'm only in the next state over so that's good :)

Ok anyway, just wanted to say thanks for being awesome. And saving my hands from the NASTY mitt I have been mindlessly using for so long.


. . .


Just got the mitts today! They are beautiful and sooo well made. I love them so much and can't wait to use them!
I attached a photo of my yucky OLD MITT next to the beautiful new ones! What an upgrade :) Thanks again so much.


Megan's photo is shown above.  These mitts are perfect for holiday baking or everyday kitchen patrol.  I use high quality cotton fabrics with heat resistant Insulbrite batting and an extra layer of flannel for softness.  The mitts are fully lined and SO comfortable -- no scratchy exposed seams.  Looking for an affordable Christmas gift, hostess gift, shower gift or housewarming gift?   Just sayin' … .


Happy Thanksgiving!  Wishing you safe travel and happy times with your loved ones.


LeAnn aka pasqueflower



  1. What a lovely convo from your customer. Your mitts are great. I especially like the piggy ones.

  2. so adorable. love the ones with mixers on them.

  3. Oh I love the pigs! Congrats on selling them already. What will you make with the new pig fabric when it comes in?

  4. These are great! The pigs are so cute :) And I love the floral farbic!

    Don't you just love messages like that...they make my whole week :)

  5. Artisanallunwound--I'm going to make some baby bibs, and probably some more piggy oven mitts. Stay tuned for bib pics--probably next Tuesday.

  6. Oh my goodness I love the spoons forks and knives one! So cute!