Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pig Out

It's county fair time across the Midwest.  Back in the day in Lake County, South Dakota, we called it 4-H Achievement Days.  It was a simple little fair with no midway rides and no adult open class exhibits, but it was the highlight of the Summer for 4-H families throughout the county.  

I was a proud  member of the Farmington Farmerettes 4-H Club.  I exhibited Cheviot sheep, vegetables from the garden, canned fruits and vegetables, baked goods, and, of course, home sewn clothing.  My brother exhibited pigs and electric lamps he had rewired.

This Shameless Commerce Tuesday I'm featuring one of several newly-listed items from my Etsy shop, Pasque Flower Creations.  These oven mitts, with pink pigs on dark navy, remind me of my brother's pig showing days.  I think they'd be fun for a barbecue -- or any time you want to pig out.  The fabric was designed by Beth Snyder as part of the 1Canoe2 collection for Andover Fabrics.

Here's a closeup.

There's also a more vegan-friendly print in the fabric line -- mason jars filled with fruits and veggies - but those mitts are still works in progress.



  1. Love the mitts! I can't wait to see the ones with the mason jars too. That is such a fun look. 4-H Achievement Days sounds like fun!

  2. The pigs are sure cute :) And I bet those mason jars will do well too!

  3. Kissin' pigs! Too cute! I never entered anything to the county fair, but we'd always go and stuff our faces with funnel cake and nachos. :-)

  4. Cheviots are nice! I was in 4H for a while, but only ever competed in bread baking (but I got a purple ribbon!). Cute mitt.

  5. Hadn't thought of Cheviot sheep for quite some time. One year, my kids raised them, for 4H. While they were wonderful sheep, I believe, if memory serves me right, they were killed by an animal when we went to town. (We lived in the mountains.) Sad. :(

  6. These are so cute! I hardly ever use oven gloves (as I am so clumsy with them!) but these look fab :)

  7. What a timely release! The design is adorable.