Sunday, August 31, 2014

Treasury Thanks

Each week I like to say THANK YOU  to the curators of Etsy treasuries who have featured items from my Etsy shops, Pasque Flower Creations and Aunt Pheba's Vintage, over the past week.  This week, most treasuries focused on Fall themes, as we say farewell to Summer and look ahead to Autumn.

The first treasury, however, seems to be clinging to the blue skies and beaches of Summer.
The Haases of HasseHandcrafts featured my aqua chevron oven mitt in their treasury, Pops of Blue.
The Haases create unique handcrafted home dec and storage items.  I just love these honeycomb storage shelves.

Margaret of SplendidLittleStars was also clinging to Summer in her treasury, Eternal Summer Shall Not Fade.  This silk velvet scrunchie includes some of my favorite Summer colors - green grass and blue lakes (or ocean beaches).

Lana Moes of LanasArt curated a beautiful treasury in shades of yellow and gold, Artistic Touch.  I was honored to have my yellow linen bow clutch included in this collection.  Lana's London travel watercolor includes beautiful golden tones of Autumn.

Tatiana of tanche featured my bright leaves oven mitts (the ones that were used in a New York TV commercial shoot last Fall) in her treasury, ...but Fall is around the corner!  This beautiful decorative pillow in shades of brown, gold and orange would add a touch of Fall color to your home décor.

Becca Koopmans of wearlovenow featured my yellow chevron oven mitts in her cheery chevron-themed treasury, You Can't Keep Chevron Quiet.  That's true!  But I love the bold and energetic look of chevrons.   Becca adds her own designer touch to upcycled clothing.  Take a look at this wonderful  upcycled mustard cropped cardigan from Becca's shop would be fun to wear on a chilly Fall day. And while you're there, browse some of the other unique garments at wearlovenow.

Mari Givens of GlitterZombiess featured my daisies on blue oven mitt in her treasury, Tanya Burr: English Chic.  Mari creates beautiful headwear (I'm thinking outdoor weddings).  I especially love this royal flower crown that could make anyone feel like a princess.

Anne of plumcreek22 featured my Royal Copenhagen mermaid plate from Aunt Pheba's Vintage in her treasury, Mermaid and Fairy.  My granddaughter, Madeline, is very into fairy houses.  She would love this treasury.  If you are looking for unique hair accessories, Anne's shop is the place to visit.  I especially loved this orange flower glass bobby pin

Judy of MisterPenQuin featured my orange pencil-shaped pencil pouch in her treasury, Autumn a la Orange.  Judy has added a new line of address books to her shop.  This pretty citrus snowdrops address book would be perfect for updating your addresses.  (My kids moved a lot during their college years, so I have pages with more cross-outs than addresses in my tired old address book.)

And there you have it -- another great week of treasuries!  Thanks, again, curators! And thanks to all of you who stopped by.  If you are in the USA, enjoy your Labor Day Weekend! 



  1. I love those honeycomb shelves, too! Thanks so much for featuring my address book.

  2. Those shelves are super cool! Congrats on all the treasury features.

  3. Great pics of the storm, LeAnn...hope all is/was well. Thanks for the feature.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Becca! Yes, the storm blew through at 60 mph, but we were safe and had no damage to trees, house or vehicles. Quite a scare, though!

  4. Thank you for mentioning my shop and hair pins. I just saw your storm photos!!
    Take care.
    Anne and all
    PlumCreek22 etsy

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Anne! The storms blew through, and all is well. Quite a scare for awhile! Today the sun is shining.

  5. LeAnn, thank you for liking and featuring my pillow. I love all of these!

    I have really enjoyed reading through your blog!

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Tatiana! Love your shop!

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  7. Thank you so much for your feature and lovely link to my shop! Happy Sales!