Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fiber Works Exhibition

My Sunday afternoon was spent drooling over incredible art quilts at the Fiber Works exhibition hosted by 18 members of the Fiber Funatics Group.  These talented women displayed dozens of art quilts, each created in response to a series of challenge themes such as:   What's outside your window?   What's on your bucket list?  What's on your mind?  Incorporate a dryer sheet into your quilt top. 

The creations included appliqué, piecing, embellishments, fabric painting,  found objects and 3D fiber art –from ink drawings on muslin birds to free-standing little houses.  Most of the quilts were small.  None were bed sized, and none were intended to ever be used on beds.  These quilts were intended as art, to be hung on a wall or displayed in a gallery.

I trend toward the traditional in my own quilting, but I truly appreciate the amazing creativity of these fiber artists, and I am thankful to count two Fiber Funatics Group members, Sheila Green and Roxann O'Hare, among my quilting friends.  I've included photos of quilts by one of the artists, Shelly Burge (, a nationally-acclaimed quilter and quilt teacher, and Peg Pennell (, a rising quilt star and phenomenal teacher.  Shelly's Meadowlark features the Nebraska state bird.  Peg's Florabunda Detail showcases her sense of color and her artful use of beads and embellishments.  These are past works, displayed on their web pages.  They were not included in the Fiber Works show.

I wish I would have remembered to bring my camera.  The exhibit will remain on display until mid-November, so I'm hoping to see it again (WITH my camera).   So, this post will be continued….Stay tuned for more photos in Part 2 later this week (I hope).  


LeAnn aka pasqueflower



  1. In my next life I want to be a quilter...for now I'm just an admirer!

  2. I love the way Shelly portrayed that bird. It must have been a very inspiring exhibit.