Friday, October 14, 2011

Fiber Works Revisited - A Glimpse at the Creative Process

As promised, I revisited the Fiber Works art quilt exhibit featuring over 170 quilts by local and regional quilt artists.  The exhibition showcases the work of 18 talented women who are members of the Fiber Funatics Group.    And I remembered to bring my camera this time!  I had intended to pick my Top 10, and only photograph those, but with  SO MANY inspiring works, I couldn't stop at ten.


So, this will be the first in a four-part series of Fiber Works Revisited posts.  Today I will feature items that reflect the artist's creative process:  an artist's journal; Observe Detail by Dorothy Heidemann-Nelson; and a fabric postcard – Imagine.   These three small pieces set the stage for the artistry, attention to detail, and creativity that are reflected throughout the exhibition.


Stay tuned for further posts in the Fiber Works Revisited series:  Inspired by Nature; Found Objects & 3D; and Colorful Quilts!  Enjoy another beautiful Fall weekend.



LeAnn aka pasqueflower



  1. This looks super interesting - look forward to more posts revisited.

  2. They are so beautiful. Can't wait to see more.